The Best Roulette System For Casinos In Canada

The best roulette system for casinos in Canada is the same regardless of the type of roulette or casino. The system involves the use of physics to predict numbers and remove the house advantage. No system will work on every wheel every time, but when you understand the physics of roulette, you can determine what wheels are worth playing so you don’t waste your time on wheels that you are not likely to beat.

Can you really win in Canadian casinos?

The casinos in Canada about average when it comes to difficulty to win in. When I say “win”, I mean apply a long-term winning gambling system. I’m not referring to mere “luck”.

As with most casinos throughout the world, roulette is by far the most profitable game in Canada. Detailed reasons for this are explained throughout this website, but a good starting point is how to win at roulette.

Understanding the Types of Roulette

Whether the casinos are physical establishments or online, there are a couple different forms of roulette. While the physics of roulette will allow you to beat all types of roulette, the various forms have different odds and, therefore, are worth understanding.

  • European roulette or English roulette. This roulette form has a wheel with 18 black spaces and 18 red spaces. The slots are numbered 1-36 in a non-linear fashion in an alternating red/black pattern. There is a single green slot labeled with the number zero. With 37 total slots on the wheel, all odds are calculated by dividing the potential positive outcomes of your bet by the total possible outcomes (37).
  • French roulette. The French variant of roulette is played on a European wheel. The difference is found in the layout of the betting board and a variation on the use of the green zero space. When betting even money in a French roulette game, if a green zero is spun the wager is either held in “prison” to be won or lost on the next spin, or the house splits the win/loss with you 50/50, based on individual table rules. The variant of the green zero makes French roulette odds the best around, but still nothing compared to what they are when using physics to crush the wheel.
  • American roulette. American roulette is played on the same wheel setup as European roulette, except a second green slot labeled double zero is added. The addition of this second green slot increased the house advantage considerably. Even so, the wheels can be beat using physics.
  • California roulette. In California roulette, the physics advantage has been taken away because upside down cards replace the colored and numbered slots. While the numbers and colors are still in the same place as the traditional roulette wheel, players are not able to see the colors or numbers. Further, the ball has been replaced by a pointer, and, instead of gravity causing the ball to drop, once all bets are made the dealer simply stops the spinning wheel. The dealer then flips up the card under the pointer to reveal the winning number and color. This is a variant that should be avoided.

In Canada, most casinos use the American roulette double zero wheel. Online Canadian casinos, however, often feature your choice of wheels. In this case, it would seem wise to choose the European of French roulette option, but remember, your task is not to choose the wheel with the best traditional casino odds, but the wheel that offers you the best opportunities to win based on physics.

Two more roulette types: digital and live online

  • Digital roulette is a roulette game that is found at online casinos. The game is a computer rendition of a roulette wheel. The game is played exactly the same way, except there are no moving parts. Like the California variation, the lack of moving parts, gravity, etc, makes using physics impossible. Avoid this variation.
  • Live online roulette. Many online casinos have set up real-time cameras to provide roulette players 24/7 access to real roulette wheels, balls, dealers, and gravity. Because the wheel actually exists in time and space and are being spun as you watch, the physics of roulette can be used to beat the game.

How the Physics of Roulette Works

If you want to understand the best roulette system for casinos in Canada, first find a casino, physical or online, that is reputable. If the casino will not pay you for your winnings, or will cheat to ensure you don’t win, then it doesn’t matter what system you use. It is critical that this is the first step you take.

The next step is to learn how to utilize the physics-based techniques that give you an edge over the casino. For example, using the dealer signature or wheel bias to find numbers that hit more often than other numbers. You can also learn to identify the ball bounce as the wheel slows to calculate the likely numbers that will hit. Ball bounce can be predicted by counting the average number of times a ball bounces after it has completed a set number of revolutions of the wheel.

All of the techniques take actual work and practice. These are not magic, but science. Each technique takes observation, recording, and calculation. There are software packages and even roulette computers that take much of the work out of it while decreasing the time and increasing the accuracy.

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