Australian roulette system – strategy for Australian casinos

Going to an Australian casino previously meant you needed to travel interstate. But in more recent times, casinos have sprouted up all throughout Australia. Now we also have pokie venues where there used to be pubs. Personally I hate the slot machines (pokies) because the payouts are absolutely terrible and you will have much better results with virtually any real gambling table. I mean table games like roulette and blackjack.

This article will explain the best gambling games in Australian casinos, and why they are best. We also explain the top roulette systems for any casino.

To start, again let me clarify that poker machines in Australia are a waste of time and money. You can’t win in the long term with them. Specifically poker machines are designed to payout a particular percentage. But this doesn’t mean that for every $1000 it takes that it pays out $100. Of course this is what it may work out to be in the long-term, but how do you know when a machine is going to payout. The old fallacy that a machine is due to payout is absolute nonsense, because the game outcomes are purely random. In contrast, some of the online casinos have game outcomes that are based on amounts that have been wagered, win and lost. For example casino online may be programmed only to allow wins when other players have lost a significant amount. This is rigged, and it cannot profit from such casinos. It’s as good as cheating for casinos.

Best Australian casino games

Contrary to popular belief, roulette has always been the most predictable casino game, by far. This is because roulette wheels are manufactured devices that are subject to various imperfections that lead to predictable spin outcomes. Until recently, blackjack was the favored game used by professional players because it was a much more straightforward approach to winning. The prime example is of course card counting. This is basically know which cards have been dealt, and therefore which cards are remaining. It’s very simple in principle, but now Australian casinos all now use sophisticated card shuffling machines, which shuffle the cards after each game. This means you can no longer know which cards are left, at least for any significant advantage.

Still the most effective approach to beat any casino game is the use of roulette computer devices, such as those at But they are strictly illegal in Australian casinos. But luckily they are completely legal in approximately half of the world’s casinos. Gambling law is based on states, and are not usually national. So this means that roulette computer may be legal in one state, but not in another, all within the same country.

There are various illegal methods the can be used to beat roulette in Australia, one of which is visual ballistics. Visual ballistics involves the use of eyesight to basically emulate what a roulette computer does. And this is determining the rotor and ball speed to estimate where the ball is likely to land. But my personal view of visual ballistics is that it is stressful and overly difficult, and not covert to use. I personally feel that if you are going to bet after the ball has been released, then it is much better to use a roulette computer device, although not in Australia because it is not legal here.

The best legal approach to winning Roulette is called a cross-reference Roulette system. Casinos call it advantage play, because it is not specifically illegal, but it does give the player a legitimate advantage. In Australian laws, the existence and legitimacy of advantage play is noted, after all this is why it is called advantage play. It was actually the casinos that called it advantage play.

Best Australian Roulette Strategy

Most people don’t see the distinction between a strategy and a system. The personally when I hear the term roulette strategy, I consider it a strategy for keeping winnings or avoiding detection. Because with any genuinely effective Australian roulette system, particularly for bet selection, can only be effective if the player is not detected by casino staff. Any genuinely effective system is limited by what you can earn without being detected. Different casinos have different identification requirements, and they may have changed since the time of this article. But generally if you attempt to cash in more than $5000 or so worth of chips, photo identification is required. So as a general rule, cash in amounts below this threshold so you will not be repeatedly identified. This can involve the assistance of friends and family, who will cash in chips on your behalf.

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