Roulette Strategy Basics: Is Your System Effective?

After reading about systems that claim to be an amazing roulette system that can be implemented by players who are intent on beating the game, it’s easy to see why many systems are ineffective. There is an abundance of information on roulette systems in the internet. But, many of this information fail to address the salient points in playing, betting on and winning the game.

Roulette is a popular casino game which takes its name from a French word which would mean little wheel when directly translated. As what the name implies, this game makes use of a wheel. Familiarity of the mechanics of this game is necessary to come up with an amazing roulette strategy.

How Roulette Is Played

For beginners who are not too familiar with the games in a casino, it would be best to learn first about the bets that you can make. In roulette, you can either make inside bets or outside bets. For outside bets, you can wager on a larger series of numbers. Meanwhile, inside bets refer to a smaller betting cluster and includes bets on individual numbers.

The game starts when the croupier or the dealer informs all players to place their bets. Once all of the players put their chips on the number that they are betting on, the dealer begins to spin the wheel. While the rotor is spinning, the dealer spins a ball in the opposite direction. Even at this point, players may still place their bets. The betting only stops when the dealer calls out that there will be no more deals. The ball remains to spin around the wheel for a few more times until it falls off to a certain number.

Maximum and Minimum Bets

Although there are roulette tables that do not have betting limits, it is more usual to find tables with minimum and maximum bets. The casino implements a maximum bet so that it will not lose a lot of money if there are wealthy players who happen to make lucky bets. Meanwhile, a minimum limit ensures that each table will be occupied with losers who would make the casino profitable.

There is a belief among some players that they will have higher chances of winning if they are occupying a table which does not have a betting limit. This is untrue. Unless the player has an amazing roulette strategy that could improve his odds at winning compared to the house edge, he will profit from exploiting the unlimited betting. Needless to say, it is important to establish the reality that a player’s bankroll is limited.

How To Tell If A Roulette Strategy is Ineffective

Many of the roulette strategies that we can find online are actually faulty. These strategies are based on what we call as the gambler’s fallacy. This belief only makes sense in the head of a player who has high hopes that he will be able to recoup his losses. In general the following strategies are rubbish as far as roulette is concerned:

Systems Based on Gambler’s Fallacy

As mentioned earlier, there are roulette strategies that are based on the belief that something is ultimately bound to happen. One clear example would be to expect that the ball will land on a black slot just because it landed on that color for the past 3 spins. This streak is supposedly one pattern that could happen in a game of roulette although statistically, the probability of the ball landing on a red or a black slot is the same. The chances of the ball landing on a particular color would not change despite the number of spins.

Another example of a strategy based on this is that a black slot should be the next result for the spin if the ball landed on a red spot during the last few spins. The statistics behind this is similar to what has been explained earlier. The gambler’s fallacy actually expects a result based on what the player thinks is due. This is ineffective as there is no clear evidence that this works as it just rides on the normal odds in roulette.

Betitng Progressions

Another popular strategy that is being employed by a lot of players is based on progression. Popular strategies such as the Martingale strategy are based on progressions. Strategies like this make the player double their bets after losing the previous bet. The primary reason for this is for the player to recoup all losses when he wins a bet. The player only needs to win once to get all his earnings back. However, this is not ideal or practical.

A good roulette strategy is actually a system which is sound enough to produce results. It should be backed by evidence and could be readily tested to see if it works. At the end of the day, roulette is linked to a mathematical and scientific concept, so your strategy needs to consider these things to be effective.

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