6 Reasons Why Poker is Way Harder Than it Looks

Card games are always classified as fun, relaxing and easy going, so when someone comes along and tells you that they play a card game on a professional level, it may seem a bit strange at first. However, when you know the process and what goes into playing poker, it won’t seem all that odd anymore. What makes the game of poker so unique is the fact that so many different strategic concepts go into the game as you play it if you want to succeed. It’s almost like a metaphor or a life lesson that will be utilized in a big way when you run a business or counter real life issues that require critical thinking. 

The realm of poker has also expanded into the virtual world and anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world can now play poker online too. Not only that, but just as agen poker shows, they offer really tempting deals and bonuses as soon as you offer and when you win as well, so it really is very enticing. But all of this means nothing unless you know how to play poker, and understand what really goes into it. So the big question here is, how is that poker works and why is it so much harder than it looks? 

We’re going to go into the 6 main factors that make the game of poker stand out in its level of difficulty.

It’s easy to get carried away

It’s easy to get carried away when playing any kind of game that involves gambling. But with poker in particular, it’s very easy to get sucked in. This is because winning one hand can get you hooked immediately, even if you’re losing 5 or 6 hands in a row for instance. The reason this becomes a difficulty is that many people tend to stop caring or keeping track of how much money they spend as they keep buying in, waiting for that winning hand to come by again. The issue here is that this game is not one that is based purely on luck- it’s not for those who just want to sit there and hope for the best- there’s a lot more that goes into it.

Math has a lot to do with it

What many people don’t realize is that to really understand the game of poker, it’s important to know that statistic of it all, as well as being well versed in probabilities and how they work. It takes professional poker players a considerable amount of time of playing the game and analyzing percentages of possibilities and chances in order to even become considerably on top of it all to understand which hands to bet on and which hand to bluff, or fold.

It’s a mix of both chance & skill

What makes poker so special and also a little bit more complex than other card games that we know is that it integrates both chance and skill into the mix. Thus, while adding to the excitement, also adds to the need to really know what one is doing as they play. 

You cannot lose focus at any point

In order to be able to stay on top of the game and understand the players as well as be able to read possibilities and work them out, there is no room for slacking about or daydreaming. If you’re going to play poker then your mind needs to be clear and fresh and ready to pay attention to detail so that you can understand both your opponents and your own strategy if you even stand a chance of winning big.

You need to be able to read your opponent

A big chunk of playing poker, and also a huge factor that plays into the difficulty of the game is having the ability to read the other players and their habits, as well as their actions. It’s not just about facial expressions though. While playing face to face certainly does add to the advantage of being able to read the people that you’re playing with, sometimes, you just may end up playing a lot of your poker online. This doesn’t mean you can’t read your opponent. As the games go on players will have to pay attention to their opponents habits- when they tend to bet big, when they feel confident to bluff, and when they react by folding. All of these things have triggers and it’s an art to be able to understand what these triggers are so that you have the upper hand and are able to stay one step ahead of your opponents, playing with their head if need be to win the pot.

It’s a game of patience, confidence & tricks

Playing poker awakens all the senses when it comes to using your head. It teaches you the ability to understand the value of patience, how to read your opponents and therefore how to have the upper hand, and how to manipulate a play so that you intimidate your opponent and win the pot. This requires a good amount of confidence, because you are constantly being watched as well, so it’s not easy to keep a confident straight face throughout the game without having any of your opponents notice. It’s not easy to have the wisdom and patience so that you know which hands to play and which hands to fold. This involves money, and the temptation to keep winning can often cloud over strategic decision making. 

Even though poker is much more complex than it looks, remember that if you’re smart about it and really take the time to educate yourself on how to work out the underlying math required, this will take you a long way. Pair that with figuring out different strategies by joining online discussions and analyzing different players and you’re already a couple of steps ahead. Lastly, it’s important to keep a solid and responsible head on your shoulder throughout so that your confidence isn’t shaken in any way and so that you don’t get caught up in the money making craze, rather than paying attention to how the cards are being played.

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