Speak To Players

You can speak to willing players if you first financially reimburse them for their time. This is perfectly reasonable because, after all, our players did not pay us to speak to interested people. If you expect successful players to be readily willing to tell you about how they are covertly winning thousands in casinos, as if it were some kind of new car they purchased, think again. Most players are not interested in speaking to the public, and they prefer to keep the system and/or computers low profile and to themselves.

Procedure for Speaking to Players

1. Contact Us to specify a preference of who you’d like to speak to. For example, you may wish to speak to someone who lives near you. You may want to speak to roulette computer players, or just roulette system players. Because relatively few players are willing to speak to the public, you don’t always have a choice of the player’s country of residence. Also, some players do not under any circumstances let you know the country they are from – after all, their success relies on the ability to stay covert.

2. The player will specify a fee for their time to call you. Fees vary considerably (usually US$100 – US$300 or so).

3. If the fee is acceptable, to protect the player’s identity, you then send us the payment plus a US$50 fee, which covers bank fees for the relaying of funds to the player. We must act as a proxy in this manner to protect the identity of the player.

4. Once we forward the funds to the player, you supply your contact details and he/she will call you.

Rules and Permitted Disclosure of Information

    • The player is NOT permitted to disclose anything other than how content they are with the system, and our service. So if you want to speak to a player, expect nothing more than verification of their success.
    • Players may NOT disclose anything pertaining to the actual application of the system. They may not disclose information such as how the system is applied, where they play etc.
    • Contact details or any information that may reveal the identity of the player may not be revealed.

Optional to speaking to players, we have published some audio testimonials below:

Testimonial 1 – Player from USA (4m 25s) (Wins $500/day with $5 units)

Testimonial 2 – Player from Australia (2m 51s)

Testimonial 3 – Player from Australia (2m 10s)

Testimonial 4 – Player from Canada (6m 7s)

Testimonial 5 – Player from Australia (2m 5s)

Testimonial 6 – Player from Germany (1m 35s) (Earned US$100,000+)

Testimonial 7 – Player from USA (Plays only American 00 wheels)

Testimonial 8 – Player from France (4m 21s) (so far won €5,000)

NOTE: Player names are not disclosed to protect their identity. However you can speak to these and all other players via the player only forum if you become  a player.