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General Discussion / Seeing through cards - technology development
« Last post by Steve on October 18, 2012, 12:16:04 PM »
Years ago I acquired technology that is capable of seeing through casino cards. This would have been used to predict the next card in blackjack, and to read the dealer's cards but the problem was it emitted radiation. It is highly illegal and unsafe to blast people with radiation.
A technician I've been developing the technology for years with has been trying to make a version that uses ambient radiation instead. We left it alone for some time though as development couldn't proceed further. We had the design for it and had tested the concept successfully, but for years the only way to build the technology into a small and practical device was to develop components at a cost that made it impractical.
Now things are different and we have the components we need. Development will still be expensive but considering the potential of the technology, it will be worth it. The device will be small enough to be comfortably worn (ie in pocket or strapped to inside of leg), and uses only ambient radiation from space.
The part I love most is we will be using some of the hybrid roulette computer technology. The hybrid technology will track the location of:
a. The player's cards
b. The dealer's cards (including knowing which ones are reversed/transparent)
c. The next card that is to be dealt
The location of these cards is easy because the hardware will have defines card location relative to marks on the table.
Parts A and B will be simple. But part C is a bit trickier. Nevertheless the edge obtainable from knowing the dealer's cards is all we would need.
From this point development will not be difficult nowhere near as difficult as the hybrid roulette computer. Since we've already developed robust and accurate image recognition technology with the hybrid, much of the work is done.
I will release more details and show a video demo at some stage I estimate 1-2 months from now for completion of the live card video. Then perhaps 1-2 months development for the rest of it. So conservatively, I will have technology that automatically determines the cards from A,B and C (including cards turned face down), then will give the player a highly covert vibration on whether to hit or stand.
Certainly this is a game changer. I only sold 2 of the hybrid V3s with the rest being used only by my private teams. I expect to also only sell 2 of the x-ray card readers. When I have the prototype ready for demonstration, I will announce it. If you have an interest in purchasing one of them, please keep an eye on my blog, but again it may be 4 or so months from now.
Main Roulette Board / Roulette bot pro scam
« Last post by Steve on September 05, 2012, 05:28:52 PM »
we all know about scams where somebody claims to have a free winning roulette system, and they conveniently tell you about specific casinos to test it out. what happens then is the distributor of the roulette system is paid commissions by the casinos, when poor suckers try the system and lose money. There are countless scams like this on the Internet, like Andruchi, but there are many more.

When I exposed Andruchi and others for this, of course they launched various websites and articles attacking me, and call me all sorts of nasty names. Lucky for me I don't give a flying faq.

Today I was contacted by distributors of software called roulette bot pro. below is the e-mail they sent and my response:

Their email:

-------- Name: daniel

-------- FromEmail:

-------- subject: Roulette System Contact Form

-------- Message: hi
we have the following product

xxxx URL REMOVED xxxx

working with a lot of casinos and want to give you an intersting offer for promoting our product


Sent From IP

My response:

How do you make your money if your software is given free? How would I make my money from promoting you? From commissions that casinos pay you when players lose? isnt it a little generous that casinos want to promote software that takes their money? Im not sure how you can look yourself in the mirror. Rest assured I will be writing about your scam.

The thing to note here is he is only interested in casino promotion. Roulette scams really don't get any more blatant in this. Anyone who thinks logically would be able to identify this as a scam, but the problem is once they are exposed, they move to another name or website.
General Discussion / Public area suspended
« Last post by Steve on January 03, 2012, 12:47:20 PM »
The public part of the forum is now closed to avoid confusion for what parts of the forum can be seen by the public or members. Anyone can read previous posts here, but posting is disabled. If you want to participate in public discussions, try,, or
Visual Ballistics / Re: VB training tool
« Last post by Steve on January 03, 2012, 07:48:35 AM »
David, I'm not even slightly 'offended'. It just gets old when new people believe rubbish without thinking for themselves or doing thorough research. It is not to offend you, but I just dont have patience for it anymore.
General Discussion / Re: genting players?
« Last post by Steve on January 03, 2012, 07:44:10 AM »
I've just gotten back into everything and will look at options soon.
General Discussion / Re: genting players?
« Last post by Hawkeye on January 02, 2012, 12:28:46 AM »
I completely agree. It would save any confusion. The public sections aren't of any benefit to players anyway or you could redirect to your non player forums.
Visual Ballistics / Re: VB training tool
« Last post by twister on January 01, 2012, 11:43:54 PM »
There is a time and place for any technique and vb is just another. You shouldn't lock yourself to one method.
Visual Ballistics / Re: VB training tool
« Last post by Hawkeye on December 31, 2011, 12:46:20 AM »
not worth discussing
Visual Ballistics / Re: VB training tool
« Last post by JBT on December 30, 2011, 10:50:34 PM »
David, there are better methods than vb. I have just about every book and almost all of the roulette computers available. Like Parttuls said, nobody spells it out like steve does.

You can go to foresters forum and learn basic vb from the paid subscription members area and he will bs you saying it is advanced, or learn it for free from other forums.

You can also buy forester devices that the same as basic vb but he'll try to dazzle you with tech talk, and lures in the uninformed but you are still left with simple vb you can learn anywhere. You can get a free roulette computer from steve that is equal to foresters best computer  but they are nothig like his other computers

You can get scammed everywhere from people that have whole websites set to discredit steve

Laurence scott, pierre B, zirdum, howe and jafco are among many I have material from that teach vb. I have never found anyone with better technology and more thorough knowledge for roulette better than steves. At the same time I have never seen a man so defamed under false pretenses before. Most of the trash talk is about competition and as steve puts it, "mine is bigger than yours syndrome"

Forester is one of the people who trash talk steve and hes a self proclaimed guru with nothing. He discredits anyone that is competition for him for business.

A few other people trash talk steve. The worst is mark howe.

General Discussion / Re: genting players?
« Last post by silanarchy on December 27, 2011, 09:20:31 PM »
Steve have you considered making every section player only?
This might be a good option, as non members can email and ask you what they need so they don't waste theirs or our time asking questions we cannot answer due to our agreements.
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