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Roulette bot pro scam
« on: September 05, 2012, 05:28:52 PM »
we all know about scams where somebody claims to have a free winning roulette system, and they conveniently tell you about specific casinos to test it out. what happens then is the distributor of the roulette system is paid commissions by the casinos, when poor suckers try the system and lose money. There are countless scams like this on the Internet, like Andruchi, but there are many more.

When I exposed Andruchi and others for this, of course they launched various websites and articles attacking me, and call me all sorts of nasty names. Lucky for me I don't give a flying faq.

Today I was contacted by distributors of software called roulette bot pro. below is the e-mail they sent and my response:

Their email:

-------- Name: daniel

-------- FromEmail:

-------- subject: Roulette System Contact Form

-------- Message: hi
we have the following product

xxxx URL REMOVED xxxx

working with a lot of casinos and want to give you an intersting offer for promoting our product


Sent From IP

My response:

How do you make your money if your software is given free? How would I make my money from promoting you? From commissions that casinos pay you when players lose? isnít it a little generous that casinos want to promote software that takes their money? Iím not sure how you can look yourself in the mirror. Rest assured I will be writing about your scam.

The thing to note here is he is only interested in casino promotion. Roulette scams really don't get any more blatant in this. Anyone who thinks logically would be able to identify this as a scam, but the problem is once they are exposed, they move to another name or website.