Author Topic: Electric Car Supression  (Read 7598 times)


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Electric Car Supression
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:37:40 AM »
Download the document from

If you've ever asked where is the electric car, this will open your eyes. They get away with this because we let them, i.e. there is not enough pressure to stop it. Circulating this document will help other see what has happened. Imagine what else is being suppressed, while the world's population is struggling.

You might ask what you can possibly do. Spread the document for starters. It may be the only way things will change is when enough of us put pressure on politicians. When there is enough pressure, competing politicians will need only make demanded policies a reality to be in elected power.


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Re: Electric Car Supression
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 12:15:43 PM »
I want to buy the Honda FCX Clarity which uses hydrogen to run the car…..but don’t think there is hydrogen refuelling stations in my city…Actually I don’t even know if they have any..

No matter what I want to reduce harmful substances and hopefully get a car which is fuel free that only produces water vapour…These cars are pretty damn expensive too and these big oil corporations will do anything they can to either destroy these vehicles or to make it as inconvenient for consumers to buy…

At the moment California has many hydrogen refuelling stations which is why Honda find it much more profitable to sell it there than anywhere else…
The only way we can stop these corporations from destroying these environmentally safe cars is if we all stand up and take action…..After all this is our planet and we must protect it.

After watching soo many documantaries about how we pollute the earth and how much we take our natural resources for granted by wasting and not recycling…it made me think, if we carry on like thisss…what are we going to expect to see in 20 years time ?

Perhaps the biggest and most detrimental damage to the earth the people of this earth will ever see.
We can expect to see the end of the world, where big companies have abused the planets natural resources for monetary purposes and soaring hard working people of this earth who were slaved in to the system, saying to themselves….Why didn’t I do something about it before it was too late…All I used to think of is my 9-5 job…paying my mortgage and car payments and I never thought of how I could save our planet!!

The Change Is Now…..