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Roulette Wheels for Sale
« on: December 01, 2010, 01:40:00 PM »
I have the following wheels for sale if anyone is interested:

mk7 huxley with standard ball track: this is the one used in the challenge with ronjo. It has the plastic in the pockets removed, so it's not as flash to look at.

mk2 huxley: an older wheel, but still fine for practise.

I can do the above two for reasonably cheap (price negotiable), and they'll be refurbished before sale/shipping.

The other is an older style cammegh as in attached image. It's in very good condition, and upon request to serious buyers I can send you a video of a spin so you can see it in operation. If you removed some of the diamonds and moved them around (I can do for you but will take a while, and wont be perfect to look at), it is very similar in ball scatter to modern cammeghs. The ball revs are max around 28 revs, but for typical conditions, about 8-10 revs which is good if you need to practise with a computer when there are fewer ball revolutions. The ball track is metal, and in good condition. This is especially good practise for some of the euopean conditions. I can do this one for AUD$5000 excluding delivery.