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« on: November 07, 2011, 10:08:05 AM »
“You can’t beat a Roulette table, unless you steal money from it” – Albert Einstein

Does anyone actually know what Einstein actually meant when he said that?

I have heard a lot of people saying its metaphorical and doesn’t actually mean stealing chips from the table.

While others say its impossible to steal unless cameras or croupier are not watching. So many different interpretations of what Einstein said, I just wish I knew what he meant by that as we all know roulette is very much beatable.

After all a man created roulette and a man can defeat it again.

My interpretation of it is the only way you can beat it is to study the wheel rigorously and then “exploit” it. The word “exploit” might have been the word to replace “steal” which is what I think Einstein wanted to express.

Just my opinion, but who knows best other than Einstein himself!!


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Re: Einstein
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He specifically said TABLE. The WHEEL is a very different thing. He is basically saying if you only consider the table, you can't win.