Author Topic: Live webcam demo for roulette computers  (Read 6778 times)


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Live webcam demo for roulette computers
« on: July 13, 2011, 04:31:04 PM »
I've conducted many in-person demos of various methods and technology to beat roulette, and soon I'll be doing my first GROUP/PUBLIC webcam demo. This is more for the people that cant visit me personally, but anyone can view it.

I expect to demonstrate/explain:

1. The basics of basic roulette computers (what they do): most people dont know the most simplistic computer just gives prediction after a ball speed threshold is reached. This is what foresters computers do, but he pawns it off as NASA technology because of his ego. It is the same algorithm explained by people like laurence scott and likely thats where forester got it from. Then forester added assumption of linear ball deceleration to get predictions anytime, which is wrong - it is a cheap shortcut.

2. Basic roulette computers - including my lite roulette computer, my free roulette computer. And of course I'll show forester's FFZ and FFA and explain/demonstrate why they are simplistic nonsense. Most people have no understanding of what basic computers do, or that anyone can build a basic computer in a matter of hours that get exactly the same results as FFA or FFZ. It is incredibly basic. Especially something like FFZ can be coded in half an hour. I'll also show two of mark howe's computers. It will be easy for people to see what the facts are.

3. Basic application of my uber version computer. I will only show full capabilities in person, but one thing I'd like to show via webcam is how capable the computer is of knowing where the ball is at what time at the end of the spin... on a live wheel, with live video, for everyone to see.

It will be on a velstone mk7 huxley wheel, with ivorine ball. It will not be the childishly easy wheels used by forester and howe. At times in the spin, the difference between one ball revolution and the next is about 90ms, as opposed to about 200ms on an easy wheel.

The broadcast will be 100% live. Anyone who attends the broadcast page will be able to chat me live and whatever to verify it is indeed live broadcast.

I am aiming to do it within the next few weeks. It will take perhaps a few hours. The typical in-person demos take about 4 hours. It will be done during Australian business hours.

If you want to register your interest in the event, submit the form at and specify a live webcam demo, and I'll email you directly when the date/time is set, although I'll also post details here.
For this public demo, there are no requirements at all. Anyone can watch, whoever you are, for whatever reason.

This will be the first of a series of live broadcasts, designed with a few things in mind. Mainly to distinguish fact from fiction - to reveal blatant manipulators like bago and forester. It has done before though, numerous times. And each time ran with blatantly lying, fabricating results, and even editing recordings - pathetic and cowardly people. While everyone that visits me personally finds the truth first-hand, the live broadcast will be the next best thing.


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Re: Live webcam demo for roulette computers
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2011, 03:33:07 AM »
Sounds good. Look forward to it.