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FREE Roulette Wheel Analysis Software
« on: May 31, 2011, 12:18:24 PM »
You can now apply for the online wheel analysis software at

This form is used to apply for:

Online Wheel Analysis Software (for players only): this is is used for "mid-range" accuracy roulette wheel analysis. All and roulettecomputers.colm players are eligible to access to this software.

Online Wheel Analysis Software (for NON-PLAYERS): ONLY basic bias analysis to determine which numbers have a higher than normal occurrence than what you'd expect from a "non-biased" wheel.

Free Roulette Computer (for players only): very basic roulette computer software that is installed on a mobile phone. See the "free roulette computer" features and explanation on the roulette computer comparison page.

Mouse Bot (for players only): near automated bet placement for online casinos.

The latest version was only just installed, so I still need to do more testing to make sure everything is working correctly, but at least this will get things moving with applications for access. So you wont get access immediately - it'll be a few days as I also need to work on the instructions.

There is still a lot more functionality being added for future versions, including completely automated analysis and bet selection which can be accessed online via most mobile phones, which is the ultimate goal of the software (for players only though). Development is still being done. I expect the next update to be done in roughly a month or two, depending on what other software I need to test and have developed.

NOTE: Only ONE of the options is available to non-players (if you aren't a or player).