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Re: New AUTOMATED Roulette Computer
« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2011, 10:48:31 AM »
Overall we are about 50% complete. We tweaked some of the reacquisition algorithms - this is where the wheel is not in the video (if the camera wearer turns away), then the hybrid needs to determine where it is again. A video of this component in action is at:

In this video, the left part shows the live video (in this case, just a video file). The top right shows what is being tracked. The bottom right shows the wheel being tracked in real-time.

During the video I click "Restart" to show reacquisition of the wheel. It is 100% reliable now. The end product will be able to track the wheel, ball and green zero even if the camera wearer does cartwheels, literally. The work achieved so far is military grade.

There is a lot more that is done that I wont show publicly. But I'm very happy with progress. Completion may be in roughly a month (although it is difficult to say for sure), but then we'll need to thoroughly test everything and tweak for improvements.