Proof Of Effectiveness

This page contains various proof, but you can contact me if you have a specific request.

Test For Yourself

Nothing compares to testing it for yourself. There are various trials available (learn more). The main options are:

  1. Free email course to beat roulette: subscribe to a free course that explains all the proven methods that beat roulette.
  2. Free trial roulette computer: test a real roulette computer for yourself on any wheel you want. Learn more at

In-person Demonstrations (See It Yourself)

I rarely have time to do demonstrations anymore, but below are recordings of previous public demonstrations. The two below are for my roulette computers, although soon I’ll upload one for the roulette system.

Public Demo 1 (video)


This video shows a win on almost every spin when betting on 15 numbers. Betting 15 numbers is the ideal situation, although we could have easily bet only 1 number. It is a current model John Huxley Mk7 Wheel with a Velstone ball track, and is considered to be one of the “most random” modern wheels.

Public Demo 2 (video)


I only conduct demonstrations in Australia, which makes visiting me difficult for many people. So sometimes I conduct live webcam demos like the one below. This one demonstrates a +28% edge which easily overcomes the -2.7% house edge, although the purpose of this demonstration was more to show the basic capability of the roulette computer to know the ball location and wheel orientation at the end of the spin.

Video of ONLINE Casino Application

The below video was created by one of our players. Unfortunately the video resolution is low but you can still see the bets, the wins, and the bankroll steadily grow. You can know it is with real money because there are no links asking the player to play for real money (which is shown in play for fun accounts):

Applying the roulette strategy at online casinos is no different to real casinos except you need to use multiple accounts to avoid detection. Also collecting spin data for analysis online is much easier because you can screen record spins while you sleep, and use automated software to re-login. Later you can fast forward video recordings, and get the data you need in much less time.

TV Documentaries

More people are regularly beating roulette than what you see in the news. Perhaps for ever 1 player that is noticed, hundreds other professional players aren’t ever noticed. Below are links to news stories:

Professional players win over $1M starting from just $2000: This gives you an idea of how quickly a fortune can be won with the right formula, and how the limit to what you win mostly depends on how well you avoid detection.

Team of three wins US$2.4M in 3 daysThis is one of the more recent high profile cases, and although used was a very basic approach that is about the equivalent of the free course I teach

Roulette prediction methods that work: This documentary shows a variety of methods used, but the most relevant is the electronic roulette prediction technology.

Official “Lab Test” Results

Lab test resultsI hired a suitably qualified physicist to test our roulette strategy in real casino conditions, and report on his findings. This report is the result. [Download the Lab-Test Report (PDF)]

While he could not conclusively say that the system is effective, he did determine that there is less than 1% probability that the positive results were due to luck. However, such testing doesn’t get any more conclusive. It’s like saying you can never know anything for certain, but you can know within reason.

As far as I know, this is the only proper independent testing that has been conducted of any roulette system.


UK Government Lab Testing

UK Government Lab TestingThis is a separate lab test from a UK government lab ( This report explains testing they conducted to determine how predictable roulette spins actually were in specific conditions. They found a substantial edge was possible, even with very basic prediction methods that are the equivalent of the FREE system we provide on this site.

Download the UK Government Lab Test Results (PDF)

Audio Testimonials From Real Players

Every roulette system comes with positive testimonials, but they are too easily faked. The testimonials I’ve provided are recorded from phone conversations. You can decide for yourself if they are genuine or not. I will be adding much more when I have time.

Testimonial 1 – Player from USA (4m 25s) (Wins $500/day with $5 units)

Testimonial 2 – Player from Australia (2m 51s)

Testimonial 3 – Player from Australia (2m 10s)

Testimonial 4 – Player from Canada (6m 7s)

Testimonial 5 – Player from Australia (2m 5s)

Testimonial 6 – Player from Germany (1m 35s) (Earned US$100,000+)

Testimonial 7 – Player from USA (Plays only American 00 wheels)

Testimonial 8 – Player from France (4m 21s) (so far won €5,000)

NOTE: Player names are not disclosed to protect their identity. However you can speak to these and all other players via the player only forum if you become  a player.

Written Testimonials

You can speak to most of these players via the player-only forum once you’re a player:

“My partners and I have been using Steve’s systems for over 4 years now.  Prior to using his system I was a blackjack card counter but the use of continuous shuffle machines reduced opportunities, which is why I searched for alternate methods. Using Steve’s systems my team and I have earned in the vicinity of $1.5M. This is with a few of his different systems and not just his software. I say earned and not won because it doesn’t come effortlessly and it should be clear that some people would find the system hard work because you must commit proper time which gets monotonous. But his systems absolutely work and I’m very grateful for everything he has done for me.”

“For the dealer to keep paying me money spin after spin while I watch others lose is one amazing feeling. I still find it hard to believe and keep waiting for someone to ask me to leave. What you have done for me and my family is something I cant explain.”

“I have won over $220,000 in a 2 year period and will be forever grateful to Steve and write this so you know my story and Steves system the are the best you will ever find”

“I am a regular user of the methods have been able to supplement my existing income from approximate 10 days each month to play. This has earned me approximately $60,000 in the two year period since becoming a player. To anyone considering the gw system, it really does work. . . I have made my money back many times over and highly recommend it.”

“I started with $1000 and now have $5000. It might not be a lot but I am VERY happy with this because I know I can do it over and over.”

“In the years I used the system, I earned between $400k-500k in total which was split between myself and my two partners”

“I have been using the system for the past year or so and I have earned £125,000 which has changed my life completely. It is true that you can only get away with a certain amount before they start to notice you, but so far I am doing this part time and I am just astonished at the results”

Call Me Personally

Unfortunately I don’t have much time for personal calls anymore. Calls are welcome if you just want to hear a voice and see the type of person I am. But I don’t have time (or patience) to answer questions that are already answers on this website. Contact Me via email to schedule a time although my phone number is +613 9018 5395 (Australian Eastern Time)

News Articles

There are countless articles and lab-test reports published throughout the Internet, which clearly indicate roulette is a predictable game. The casinos know roulette is being beaten, and they know professional roulette strategy players are a real threat. But they rely on detecting professional players before they win too much.

Below is a collection of news articles. Some of the information is inaccurate, and it explains barely a fraction of the principles that make roulette beatable. However, it at least give you a better understanding that roulette is indeed predictable.

abc andy-hall blazebusiness-insider daily-mail geek inside-science new-scientist science-daily wikipediaroulette-pdf









There are countless other articles that support the fact that roulette physics does legitimately beat roulette. In fact it is the only approach that actually works.

If you thoroughly research roulette strategies, you’ll find most websites that provide gambling tips advise known losing strategies like the Martingale. But you’ll find the credible websites, where the writer has real experience with beating roulette, will advise application of physics.


100% Money-back Guarantee

If you genuinely apply the system correctly and don’t profit, then I don’t want to keep your money. My guarantee is not unconditional though.

To qualify for a refund, I ask that you:

1. Demonstrate reasonable efforts to apply the system correctly
2. Provide information that indicates you have use the system correctly
3. Have sought adequate support

If you do the above above, I’m certain you will profit. See official guarantee.

Casino Awareness

The casinos are of course aware some roulette strategies work . They do not fully understand they, but don’t need to anyway. All casinos need to do is detect consistent winners, then follow appropriate procedures to stop them. These procedures are called countermeasures. These countermeasures also give clues to what concerns the casinos, and how they know roulette can be beaten. Below is a list of various countermeasures applied by casinos:

Bias analysis software

Almost every casino carefully monitors the spin results of each wheel. This is to check for any kind of statistical anomaly, such as specific numbers spinning more than others. This roulette strategy is known as bias analysis. However, even modern software they use is largely inadequate because their software is only capable of detecting a bias after thousands of spins. Professional bias analysis techniques enable the player to detect a bias in far fewer spins. So you can exploit a wheel defect before the casino even detects it. More about such techniques is on my bias analysis page, although generally my players don’t use them because I teach better and more practical methods to beat roulette.

Online casino terms of service

If you check the fine print of online casinos, you may notice that they forbid the use of any technology or analysis that gives you an advantage. This is of course completely unfair and means that you aren’t allowed to win with a system that works, whether it is legal or not. So clearly casinos know that proper wheel analysis can beat roulette.

Calibration of wheels

You may notice the ball hits specific diamond is more than others. These are called dominant diamonds and are partially caused by the wheel not being perfectly level. Even if the wheel is as little as 0.1° off perfectly level, this is enough to cause the dominant diamonds effect. And when a wheel has dominant diamonds, it is significantly easier to beat. This is why vigilant casino staff regularly re-calibrate (level) their roulette wheels with particular equipment.

However, because dominant diamonds are largely caused by a roulette ball track deformations, wheel calibration doesn’t usually change the dominant diamonds. So in most cases, while the casino staff think they are making a difference, they aren’t.

To check the existence of dominant diamonds for yourself, pick a wheel in your casino and you’ll notice the ball hits specific diamonds more than others.

Regular moving of wheels

Casinos know that professional roulette players focus on individual wheels. This is because patterns are unique to specific wheels, like how everyone has unique fingerprints. This is why well-trained casino staff regularly move around wheels. Ultimately this doesn’t make the roulette system impossible to apply, but it does make it more difficult. Usually a wheel will be moved around perhaps once a month, which is too infrequent to be a problem.

Regular dealer changes

Usually a dealer spins for no more than 30 minutes, before moving to another game. This is done because dealers tend to spin at consistent and predictable speeds if they have been spinning for too long. This makes some techniques very difficult to apply, but it does not change the physics of the wheel.

Deliberate randomization of spin speeds

The more consistent speeds are, the easier roulette is to beat. So casinos instruct dealers to deliberately vary spin speeds. The casinos know the ball bounce alone is not unpredictable enough to “randomize” roulette spins.  Nevertheless, the speed variations are perfectly normal and the system comfortably beats wheels even with above average variation of spin speeds.

The casinos apply many other countermeasures and strategies, but usually they only make play more time consuming. They don’t usually make you lose but even if they did, the automated software tells you whether or not the changes will affect accuracy, before you even bet anything. Regardless, if you are detected, it is best to play elsewhere or come back later when they’ve forgotten you. This is because no casino will tolerate consistent winners and they’ll eventually stop you one way or another. This is why avoiding detection is important.

Besides banning you, there are still things the casino can do to make the system ineffective. But it would be impractical for them to do this, and they would likely lose even more money because of lost trust from other players. So it’s more financially viable for them to apply countermeasures only when a consistent winner is detected, until the player loses or leaves.

Some people have made a business out of teaching casinos how to detect professional roulette players. One casino consultant stated that:

a. Professional players know more about roulette than anybody else, because they study the game most, and

b. Most casino employees are only vaguely aware of how roulette can be beaten, and while they remain mostly ignorant, professional play will be a reality for some time to come

Speak To Other Players

As a player you can access the player forum to chat other players for any reason. This includes the players that provided the testimonials.  If my system failed, the last thing I’d do is create a meeting place for players. The forum also has valuable roulette tips and advice, including where players are winning most, which online casinos payout, and which don’t.

If you want to speak to other players before coming a player, this can be arranged (see how to speak to players before becoming a player).

I Already Have Most Credible Systems

Roulette Systems That WorkWhenever other roulette system sellers release credible-sounding methods, I purchase them to see if anything can be learned. Many roulette strategies are sent to me for free by my players. Below are some of the books and systems I’ve acquired over the years:

Not all have value, and in fact most don’t. Anything new would be applied in my systems, and you would benefit from this. However, I can honestly say none of these resources offer improvements for my system. My own research is more extensive, but below is a list of some of my resources from others:

Laurence Scott: I have both of his volumes and his software. The main technique is very similar to the free visual ballistics course I teach. The software is useful but does nothing my JAA software cant do. I respect Laurence but the techniques in his material are unsuitable for modern conditions.

Pierre Basieux: Pierre is an experienced VB player who charges $5000 for techniques I teach for free. The book is written in German so needs translation. Ultimately it is very similar to Laurence Scott’s material.

Casino Game Protection by Steve Forte: This is a very large book written for casino staff to “protect” their games from professional players. It’s a great resource for both casino staff and players, but it deals with older techniques. The sections on roulette strategies are mainly about visual ballistics, bias analysis and roulette computers. Only the very basics are explained. My websites provide a much more extensive explanation.

The Romeo Project: This is a book that explains one group’s efforts to develop a roulette computer device. The algorithm they present is almost precisely the same as the typical roulette computer algorithm explained on Every roulette computer uses much the same algorithm, with the exception of my Uber and Hybrid models (see and

Don Young’s Infallible System: A high profile system that will only ever work if the wheel is heavily biased.

Again this is just some of the material I have acquired, although I never found any other material that is suitable for modern casino conditions. My players have also sent me countless other systems and roulette computers for free.

Some scammers have claimed to teach my techniques for a discounted price, but this isn’t possible because my software is only accessible via which is well protected because the sensitive source code resides on a hidden server. The only material I publish is called the “primordials” document, which is essentially a collection of very basic methods that are used to teach background knowledge to new players, and they are nowhere near as effective as the JAA software, or system applied by the software. So if someone claims to “have” my system, you can be certain they are either referring to my “primordials” document, or are attempting to deceive you for some reason. I have never, and will never, release the secrets of the JAA software to anyone expect my partners and programmers. It is the only way to ensure its security.

We Trade as a Corporation

Gambling product sellers usually never trade as a corporation because unlike standard businesses, corporations and their advertised claims are strictly regulated by the authorities. If you are cheated by a standard business, the authorities will tell you to take them to court which is rarely a viable option. If you are cheated by a corporation, the authorities have a mandate to investigate for you, and they take it very seriously.

We have traded as a corporation since 1999 and will always do so. As such, if you found my claims to be false, you could simply report me to the regulatory authorities who are obligated to investigate us on your behalf. So as we’ve traded as a corporation for over 10 years, you can be more assured our claims are accurate.

Still Skeptical? Why not just test it for your with the 5-day trial? Also read the facts about winning roulette (what casinos know & news articles about players that won millions). See more proof at or visit us personally.