Disputes Between Players

It is very common that I hear of disputes between players. This is usually partners that had a disagreement or some kind. It usually results in each of the players complaining to me about each other. Notes and my position on such situations is as below:

1. I wasn’t personally involved and wasn’t there. So I don’t judge anyone. I do of course consider what is being said, but the majority is hearsay and I have no way of knowing who or what to believe.

2. Regardless of who is right or wrong, it is expected that you won’t get along with everyone you work with or encounter. The simple solution is don’t work with each other and move on. Where money is owed to each other, it is up to individuals to resolve this between themselves. If you are one who owes money, please do the right thing. But again I really have no say in such matters but I’m contacted about such matters often. However from my own experience, I have found that while we all sometimes lose money to a bad deal, scam or whatever, you are usually more likely to lose more money by wasting time on trying to retrieve the lost money. Say if the amount is $1000. You can make this back very quickly if you just let the loss go and focus on making money. So it is better to just move on. At least this is my personal experience.

3. In events where one player spreads negative information to other players, I understand this can be frustrating. I’m not judging what is true or not mainly because it is counterproductive to focus on it. And you’d probably know I’m no stranger to having people make false claims about me, so I understand it can be annoying. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens, and it’s a scaled-up version of schoolyard name-calling. That’s not to say you should just accept it. I just ask that players respect each other even if you don’t like each other. I have my own “negative people” too and I don’t bother even mentioning their name unless they push it. Perhaps though its different in my case because it’s motivated aggression and motives like “trying to compete”.

If there are players that you genuinely feel you should warn others about, that’s your decision to do so, but there’s a difference between telling as many players you can, and telling your closest associates. The only time I’ll intervene is when your warnings to others seem more like a malicious revenge thing. I can only use my best judgement for this and might not always get it right.

4. Please keep disputes from spilling over to the player-only forum. It is a friendly and productive place, and bad behaviour will result in bans.

Again I’m not judging anyone or saying who is right or wrong, or even speculating as to what actually happened in specific cases. I’ve written the above as a general resource.

And remember most of us are playing roulette to improve our lives. Money is important, if you make choices that lead you to rely on it. But it is hard to enjoy life if you are focused on conflict. Very rarely is a conflict so “in your face” that you must take action. Usually you can simply walk away and accept there are some injustices, but letting it go and moving forward will serve you better. If you retaliate, be prepared for the response from others and it will go in circles.

Sorry for the philosophical rant. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I have no problem forgetting people that have a problem with me, provided they can do the same. In short, focus on more important things and please be professional with disputes.

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