Is It Safe To Bet With a Mobile Phone App Casino?

The speed of computers doubles about every two years. So it hasn’t taken long for yesterday’s supercomputers to fit into the palm of the hand. Virtually everyone these days has a smart phone. And largely due to social media such as Facebook, a whole generation of people don’t go anywhere without phones. So it’s no surprise gambling involving real money has made its way to mobile devices.

Is gambling safe on mobile phones?

In most cases, apps you can gamble from with a mobile casino are no less secure than your home PC. But there are still rogue casinos that pop up every now and then. These casinos are often run by the same people, but the websites and apps tend to change when bad feedback spreads about the casino. So the same rules apply when considering an online casino. Very carefully research feedback about the casino before sending any money. Even with an honest casino, you are probably still going to find the occasional negative feedback. So before you make up your mind, carefully consider what is being said in complaints.

The most common complaint about online casinos

One of the most common complaints is to do with deposit bonuses. These situations are often mistaken for casino dishonesty, when it’s in fact the player failing to read the terms of service.

One example is a player may jump at the opportunity for 100% deposit bonus. This means that if they deposit $1000, they get a bonus $1000 in their account. The fine print may require the player to have wagered a specific amount before they are entitled to any withdrawal of funds. In other words, you may be required to bet 40 times the bonus amount before can withdraw your funds.

So even if you won a huge amount with luck, you would be forced to keep playing. Naturally the more you play, the more you will lose. This is of course assuming you don’t have a legitimate edge over the casino. Essentially deposit bonuses are a marketing tool to get new players. The overall effect of them is not that you have more money to play with. It’s actually that the house edge is reduced until you run out of bonus money. Putting it into perspective, an extra $1000 of money to play with would simply be cutting in half the house edge. So you still have a disadvantage, and are forced to play over the long-term to give the casino a better chance of getting back the $1000 bonus, plus your original deposit.

Rogue apps and security risks

You might naturally assume that any app in the Google or iPhone app stores are safe. But any programmer can very easily create and make available an app that steals your personal data. This can happen with any app, not just gambling apps.

A simple way to prevent rogue apps from stealing personal data is to install a firewall. A firewall is simply software that can block the connection between your phone and the Internet. There are many reputable firewall apps you can download. First install the firewall, and configure it to block Internet access to any apps you don’t specifically grant access to.

Although smart phones usually have the ability to block permissions like Internet access for specific apps, the blocks are often ineffective. This is because some apps won’t install at all without first having the permissions they request. So to install an app, first you agree to allowing permissions. And then after installation, the app may be able to steal private data. Of course you could then go into the phones permissions and disallow Internet access, but by then it may be too late. And especially if you have a very fast Internet connection, large chunks of data can be stolen very quickly.

By installing a firewall at first, you are fooling the app into thinking it has Internet access permissions. So it will start without problems, but still be unable to access the Internet.

Betting responsibly

Despite operating many gambling related websites and forums, I do not at all consider myself to be a gambler. Gambling is basically making bets with a chance of winning, but a greater chance of losing. I’m not at all a gambler. In fact I detest gambling. I first got into roulette as a means to fund my personal interests of energy research. And if you approach me asking about my roulette systems, and raise red flags that indicate you may have a gambling problem, I’ll advise you stay well away for casinos – winning system or not.

The danger of mobile phone casinos is losing substantial money is easier. Just consider waiting at a bus stop and getting bored. So you start gambling on your phone. Is this a good idea? Well it’s your money and you can decide. I don’t see a problem if you choose a reputable casino to bet with, and bet only small amounts. It isn’t a big deal to lose a few dollars. But keep in mind doing it every day is going to cost you in the long-term.

If you gamble for entertainment, then you should said the same way as paying for a movie. But a gambling night in which you lose can cost thousands. A movie with some popcorn may only cost $20.

Can you play professionally in mobile phone casinos?

My focus is technology to win at roulette. And although even live online roulette is available with mobile phone casinos, I wouldn’t recommend it. Theoretically it’s possible and there isn’t much difference to live on roulette on your home PC. But one consideration is wheel and ball behavior will be significantly more difficult to observe on a small screen.

But if you wanted to apply a simple roulette system on a mobile phone, I would suggest dealer signature. This is basically focusing on dealers that spin the wheel and ball at a more consistent speed. It is a valid method but does not take into consideration critical elements such as ball deceleration rate changes, varying ball behavior on different rotor speeds and many other factors. If dealer signature is your method of choice, then you will find that rear opportunities will present themselves for a short amount of time. The key to success is then accurately identifying suitable conditions, and quickly taking advantage of them.

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