Frequently Asked Questions

This page is regularly updated so you’ll probably find the answers you want. If you want detailed information to decide whether or not the system is for you, I suggest read this entire page. It’s a lot of information but it gives you a better understanding of the system:

Why would you sell a system that works?

I sell it because I use my roulette computers which are more accurate and quicker to use. So I don’t need the system, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let it sit un-used. Learn more about my roulette computers at

Does your system work online?

Yes, if the wheel is real and viewed via webcam. You cannot beat all wheels though as explained on this site. Usually you can beat about 30% of them with varying edges with the system. See a video recording of online play with real money at About a third of players only ever play online as there are over 20 suitable online casinos.

The advantages of online play are that you can play from home, and more easily share data with other players via the player forum. Also you can use automated software to video record all the spins you need, then play them back later at a faster speed to get the data you need. This saves time, so online play is much quicker than real casino play. The disadvantage is you need to use multiple accounts to avoid detection, and some casinos refuse payouts. So you need to carefully consider the reputation of online casinos and your plan of attack.

Although you can do well online, the more serious players tend to focus on real casinos because you can win more without being noticed. And in real casinos, you don’t need to worry about payout refusal. I suggest start at online casinos because it’s easy to practice, but focus on real casinos to earn larger amounts. The exception is if you use the “hit and run” approach explained below.

Can I earn a living playing online?

Yes and some players do, but it’s more difficult than with real casinos because:

  1. There are more players exploiting the online wheels than typical wheels in real casinos. So the online casinos are more sensitive to “suspiciously lucky” winners.
  2. You need multiple accounts linked to real ID and people. You can use accounts from family and friends, or even pay part of winnings to account holders. It isn’t usually a problem, but it’s much easier to play in real casinos (many players use fake ID without a problem, but consider the legal issues).

Realistically you cannot earn perhaps $200 per day every day, as if it were a 9-5 job because you’ll be detected. So playing online is more to supplement your existing incomes where you may win $2500 one week, then the next week earn another $2000, then you withdraw funds and open a new account. But if you played online to earn a living, you are best to apply a “hit and run” approach with larger bets. This is where you identify a predictable wheel and make large bets in the short term, so winnings look more like luck than professional play. This way you may only play once a month, but earn a larger sum. Hear the audio testimonial of one player that won $80,000 online:

Also see for suggested strategies for playing online, but much more detail is provided in the private forum for players only. Remember the problem isn’t so much beating the wheels. It’s avoiding detection.

Which online casinos are best to play at?

It changes frequently. A casino can have a bad wheel one week, then after re-calibration another week, it may be very profitable. The best way to know is to test for yourself, and share information with other online players via the player forum. But keep in mind that sharing is a “two-way” thing. I can tell you which casinos many players have most success with, but you still need to evaluate the wheels yourself for updated assessments.

What does a 1% or 2% edge mean in terms of profit?

The normal edge against players in European roulette is -2.7%, and its why most systems lose. It may seem like a small advantage for casinos, but it earns them billions. The best blackjack card counters achieve about a +2% edge over the casino, and a single player can make millions. My roulette system beats approximately a third of modern wheels, and you typically get an edge between +1 and +15%. However, I suggest playing only wheels with an edge greater than +5%. This is because there is always a margin of error, and accurately measuring your edge would take tens of thousands of spins. But even if you had just a +2% edge, this can still literally earn you millions. It’s more a matter of appropriate bet size and frequency of play.

If roulette could be beaten, why aren’t casinos broke?

Professional players have existed for as long as casinos. But there are far more consistent losers than winners. The best defence casinos have against professional players is the detection of consistent winners. Once a professional player is detected, the casino than take various steps to protect themselves. As a last resort, they can easily ban a player. This is why we teach all players how to avoid detection.

Does your system require wheels to be defective or biased?

No. The system will beat new or old wheels the same way. The patterns primarily come from the wheel design. However, every wheel has minor flaws that contribute to patterns. This means that even two new wheels of the same design will have subtle differences, and therefore different patterns.

If roulette can be beaten, why does everyone say it’s a random game of chance?

Because they don’t know any better. The Internet is full of self-professed experts with no real experience. The casinos themselves know a professional roulette strategy can beat wheels, which is why they carefully monitor for consistent winners. Basically roulette wheels are mechanical devices that have fixed physical properties, and while spins are mostly unpredictable, they are predictable enough to overcome the slight house edge of -2.7%. It is actually much more difficult to create a roulette wheel with truly unpredictable spins than to develop a strategy that can slightly increase the accuracy of predictions. See why it works and the free course for more detail.

Will your system ever lose effectiveness?

It is unlikely to lose effectiveness to the point where it isn’t viable anymore, at least not in the foreseeable future. This is because casinos would need to make major changes that would ultimately lose them more money than it saves them. Basically such changes would decrease the appeal of roulette to other players, less people would play, and the casinos would lose a lot of money just to protect themselves against the minority who win consistently. It is much more viable for casinos to rely on detection of professional players, then make conditions more difficult until the player either loses or leaves. Then normal procedures can resume which maximize the casino’s revenue.

What support do you give?

You get than a winning roulette strategy. You also get unlimited personal support including email, phone, help desk (ticket system), and skype. Most players use the help desk because you can see the status of replies anytime, and save all responses in one convenient place. You receive my mobile number in case of emergencies. Sometimes we also conduct in-person and live webcam meetings to clarify any issues. Although especially with the latest versions of our software that make everything simple, any issues are easily resolved through email. Rest assured I care about your success and you’ll get all the help you need.

Why is your system so expensive? Others are much cheaper.

You get what you pay for.

How long does it take to know where to bet, and actually bet on each spin?

It takes about 4 seconds to know where to bet next, then about 10 seconds to place all bets. It takes even less time at online casinos because the automated bot places bets for you almost instantly.

Is your system suitable if I’m new to roulette, or don’t understand English well?

“Easy and practical” is subjective opinion. What’s easy for one player may be difficult for another. However, most players agree that the system and software are easy to use, and the hardest part is that the long hours are tedious. Most players find the processes quite simple, and they can be learned in minutes. Therefore, most players are capable of achieving the same results as more experienced players, from day one. However, it is much smarter to take your time and play plenty of practise sessions before betting with real money. You should never start betting for real until you are first consistently winning in practise sessions. Also the instructions are available in all major languages, although I can’t provide personal support in other languages. For this reason, if you have poor English skills, getting and understanding additional support (if it’s required) may take slightly longer than usual.

How much can I win?

This depends on countless factors such as bet size, frequency of play, accuracy of application, how busy the casino is, strength of patterns and so on. Before you bet anything, the automated software tells you how profitable a wheel is likely to be, so you have a good idea of which wheels are best. If you’re like most players, with correct application you can expect to profit approximately 30 to 80 units per hour. So if you dedicate around 20 hours per week and bet with $5 units, you can expect to profit approximately between $3,000 – $8,000 per week. This is based on results achieved by actual players, although individual results will vary depending on the factors. It can be much more, but the main limit is what you can win without being noticed by casino staff.

Can you show me it working in a real casino?

For you to see conclusive proof of effectiveness, I would need to spend days with you which is not viable for me considering the price of the system. The best proof you can get is the trial, so you can test all you want in your own time.

How often are players banned, and what can I do if I’m banned?

Almost never because the casino would rather make you lose back your winnings than outright ban you. This is why high rollers than win are offered free accommodation (to keep them in the casino). If you are detected, the casino will try things like moving the wheel around or re-calibrating the wheel (these actions are called “counter-measures”). And if this happens, you’ll just leave and their problem is solved. If you keep coming back and are noticed, and they can’t stop you from winning, then they will ban you. But it almost never gets to that point because you simply come back later when they’ve forgotten you, or play at another casino. Ultimately you’d need to become a very persistent pest for the casino to resort to banning you. But if you are banned, then you’d need to either apply the roulette strategy elsewhere or return after a month or so. Of the few players that have been banned, most just return later without a problem. If you are banned from online casinos, then the solution is simply to create a new account. You can pay individuals to create multiple id-verified accounts. A reputable online casino wont ban you, but they will apply countermeasures to try and make you lose. This is still quite rare though because most players will move to another account before their winnings become suspicious, so their winnings appear to be luck, and they blend in well with typical players.

What bankroll is needed, and what’s the most I could lose?

If you follow the rules, then the more you play the more you win. But it is still possible to have a losing streak. For example, a bankroll of $200 with $5 units is not enough to “ride out” losing streaks. But $500 with $5 units would typically be all the bankroll you need.We always advise to practise thoroughly with a free online casino account so you don’t risk any money. Then you can begin playing for real when you are consistently winning in practise sessions. If you do this and learn carefully, you are very unlikely to have any problems.If you are asking about the maximum you could lose in a “draw down” (losing streak), a typical losing streak may be around $300 with $5 units (60 units). Keep in mind it is a long-term winning roulette strategy and it is impossible to win on 100% of spins, no matter what system you use. The best accuracy you can possibly get is with our roulette computers (see the video recording of our public demonstration where our roulette computer achieves a 93% win rate betting 15 numbers:

Do I need to track the dealer?

No, you do not track dealers although their behavior is still a consideration. You can continue using the system with the printable charts you already have.

How many wheels can be beaten, and what happens if I can’t find a suitable wheel at my casino?

Very rarely do players have trouble finding suitable wheels. First understand there’s a difference between a wheel being possible to beat, and practical to beat. Almost every wheel has patterns that are strong enough to win, even with predictions before the wheel is spun. But many of these may not be practical to play for reasons like the wheel spinning too infrequently. For example, a wheel that only spins once every 5 minutes is very impractical to play. About 35% of wheels are both “beatable AND practical” to play.

If you can’t find a suitable wheel, then your options are to:

a. Try another casino

b. Come back later when conditions are more practical

c. Monitor the wheel’s patterns until they become more favorable

d. Use an approach that’s more difficult, but works on more wheels

The only players who’ve struggled to find suitable wheels can access only 1-2 wheels in a local casino, and is unable to travel to other casinos, and is forbidden from playing online.

Can I pay for the system out of winnings, or get the system free and pay you a profit split?

I appreciate you may be a serious and trustworthy player, but I already have too many such arrangements and they are difficult to keep track of. So I prefer to keep things simple and don’t accept more of these arrangements.

How long does it take to first learn the system and start profiting?

You could start profiting the same day you receive the system. But it is better and safer to take your time and learn properly before risking real money. It takes the average player about 30 mins to understand the basics of using the system, and about a week of practice before they start betting for real and profiting. A week of testing is about 1,500 spins, and it’s to ensure you properly understand everything. You could skip testing, but then there might be something small you have neglected. It is better to be patient and take your time. Once you are competent with the system, you don’t usually need to do the testing and can start betting after the software generates the betting charts. However, everyone learns at their own rate. I find that younger players tend to understand everything quicker. A good “benchmark” or comparison is learning how to use a new mobile phone. If you can quickly familiarize yourself with a new phone’s features, then you will likely find the system’s software very easy to use. Another “benchmark” is the free trial system (including visual ballistics and bias analysis): if you understand it reasonably well, then you should have no problems understanding the full JAA system.

How many numbers do I bet on?

The software determines this for you, but is typically around 15 numbers. In any case, you can choose to bet only 1 number in the center of the predicted areas of the wheel. Although this doesn’t reduce your edge, I don’t recommend doing it because your total “winnings per hour” will be greatest if you bet the full area suggested by the software.

Does your system work on American 00 wheels?

Yes of course, you just need to tell the software which type of wheel you you play on. Download an audio testimonial from a player that only players American 00 wheels.

Do I need to physically see the wheel? What if an online casino has poor video footage?

You need only a partial view of the wheel, which is easily achieved. In cases where an online casino has poor footage, application is still perfectly easy unless the footage is so poor that it is constantly lagging or stopping for a few seconds at a time. However, we are unaware of any online casino with such poor footage. Additionally, you can apply a simplified version of the system without ever needing seeing the wheel, but this reduces your edge.

Wont standing around writing numbers and looking at betting charts be suspicious?

The phone version is applied with a hidden phone, and doesn’t need you take written notes. But it is only legal in about half of casinos. Only the “web version” requires you to take written notes, although it’s legal everywhere.

Most casinos provide pencil and paper because they know most systems lose anyway. So you use these to save your data, while applying a simple system to break even. This way you blend in with other players while collecting the data you need.Then you exit the casino, login to the software online (via a mobile phone if you want), enter the data and get the betting charts. You then copy the betting charts to the paper the casino supplies, and can start betting. Generally this doesn’t attract attention, but in extreme cases you can use options such as:

1. Print the charts to small stickers you can place on ordinary objects such as cigarette lighters

2. Memorize part of the charts which allows you to reconstruct them after each spin, so you don’t need any charts at all.

How many spins do I need to collect for the software?

In most cases, your edge over the casino begins after 3 or so spins, then gets stronger the more spins you have. But using so few spins to assess a wheel is not recommended, because short term results are often inaccurate. Depending on the wheel, you should have between 50-200 per direction before making larger bets. Sure you can start betting after just a few spins, but it’s not recommended.

Exactly what do I need to do from start to finish?

Below is a basic outline of what you do, although you only know the exact procedures as a player.

To begin, your casino may have 5 or so wheels, so first you run quick tests to see which two or so wheels are likely best. For example, you may find there’s 2 wheels where the ball mostly hits particular diamonds (dominant diamonds). Next, you determine which of these two wheels produces the most predictable ball bounce (scatter). The basics of scatter and dominant diamonds are explained on this website’s home page. These initial tests will leave you with the single best wheel to focus your attention.

Now that you narrowed your selection to ONE wheel, collect 50-200 spins per direction from this wheel. In addition to the winning numbers, you need some additional data about each spin but it is not difficult to obtain. Even if you find it difficult, simplified methods can be used where for each spin, you collect only the winning number and one other piece of information that can be obtained even if you have only a partial view of the wheel.

Now you take this data out of the casino and login to the analysis software (via mobile phone or pc). The software tells you how profitable the wheel is with a rating between 0 – 100%, and tells you how reliable the rating is. If the ratings are ok, go back into the casino and use the betting charts to play. If you use the mobile phone version, you don’t need to leave the table or use betting charts at all.

On following days, you do not repeat the process. You simply go back to the same wheel and use a simple process to test around 30 spins, which lets you know if the wheel and patterns are the same. If nothing has changed, then you can resume play without needing to collect more spins.

The process can be done over much fewer spins, but it is safer to collect more spins for analysis before play. This maximizes your edge, and minimizes your risk.

I’m tired of being scammed. Realistically what can I expect?

Any purchase you make is a “calculated investment”, and my system is no different. And a scammer would tell you what you wanted to hear, so you just have to decide for yourself if I’m telling the truth or not. Yes the system works, and yes my claims are true. Does it mean you’ll make millions overnight? No. Everyone that gives the system a fair shot agrees it works. But some people find the long hours in the casino too tedious. Like most things that make money, you are still going to need to work for it and it can become boring like any other job.

Have any of your players failed to win?

To the best of my knowledge, every player who has used the system properly over enough spins has eventually profited. There are of course players who have not succeeded for reasons that are not directly related to the system. For example, some players haven’t been able to dedicate enough time. The second most common reason a player will fail is because they haven’t properly read the instructions, and are missing a simple but critical element. But if you keep us informed of your progress, we can tell you what you’re missing. Usually it’s something quite simple but easily overlooked.

Exactly what data must I collect? What if I can barely see the wheel?

In some cases you can use solely the winning numbers without needing to see the wheel, and you can take many shortcuts. But generally shortcuts reduce your profits.Proper application requires the collection of several details about each spin. The precise data you collect is only revealed to actual players although it includes details like the winning number, wheel direction, and some additional data about each spin.There are also an even simpler method of data collection. It requires only the winning number and ONE piece of data for each spin, which is easily obtained even with a poor or partial view of the wheel.

Will the system win if the wheel spins in both directions?

Yes of course. All my roulette prediction methods deal with direction alternation. My demo videos only show one direction to fit more spins of the same direction in the video.

What happens if you die? Will I still have software access and support?

Your access to the service wont change because one of my partners will maintain the software servers and take control of everything. More details are in the terms of service, but basically our legal obligation will be fulfilled to you, or you receive a refund for anything you don’t receive.

Are the instructions available in other languages?

Yes, they are available in all major languages. The translations are not perfect, although good enough to explain how to use the JAA software. Many of my players don’t speak English well, and in such cases they require a bit more support, and it usually takes the player slightly longer to learn.

Does your system beat automated wheels where a computer spins the wheel?

YES. Most of these wheels have in-built features that are supposed to make winning more difficult, although they don’t usually make much difference. Like with other wheel types, you will find some are good, some are bad. The system’s assessment procedures and software tells you. Generally though, most modern auto wheels are harder to beat, and you can expect to beat around 20% of them. But some auto wheels are much easier to beat than “live dealer” wheels.

Can you tell me which online casino is best?

Which online casino is best often changes. Other players frequently discuss this in the player-forum. You can obtain this and related information from the player forum if you’re a player. However, many players prefer to keep this information private. This is because if everyone was beating the same wheel at the same time, then the casino would be forced to address the issue. So if you are looking to obtain information from other players, expect that you will need to share information in return. In any event, there are many online casinos that offer live webcam roulette, and it’s not difficult to assess a wheel’s suitability with the software you receive. There are numerous profitable online casinos that most players don’t know about. So it is better to do your own research than expect others to give you information.When a player tells me about a profitable online casino, I will not reveal this to other players because it is private information given to me by the player. I can advise you on a few suitable casinos, but not the less common ones that players have found. Again it pays to do your own research, and it’s really not that difficult.

I have a physical disability. Will this affect my ability to play?

Usually no, but it depends on the disability and where you intend to play. Two of our players are bound to wheelchairs, although they either play online or at touch-bet terminals. Other players have had back pain from sitting in chairs for extended periods, which made play too difficult. Generally if you can place bets and perform every-day activity, you shouldn’t have a problem. But it is up to you to assess whether or not any disability may affect your capacity to use the system.

Exactly what do I receive as a player?

The full list of what you receive is on the purchase page. But all you really need is access to the wheel analysis software. You also get unlimited free support to ensure correct roulette strategy application.

Can I collect the spins on different days?

Yes but it’s not usually needed. You just need to make sure it is the same wheel on each day, and the analysis software tells you if its the same wheel or not.

If you don’t need the system anymore, why not just give it away?

If you developed something for around 20 years, you probably wouldn’t give it away free either.

Will I bet before or after the ball is released?

You bet BEFORE ball release.

Online casinos are illegal in my country, and real casinos are too far away. What can I do?

Many people are in this position. I recommend first assess whether or not it is realistically viable for you to travel to real casinos perhaps once per month (for a few days at a time). If it is, then I suggest thoroughly practise at online casinos with play for fun accounts. You wont be gambling real money or breaking laws. When you are confident with the system, take the time to travel to the real casinos and you’ll make your trip worthwhile. Alternatively, you can use online casino accounts that are created by other people, so you can bypass the restrictions (I suggest do legal research on this to ensure compliance).

How much can I win online?

The reputable casinos don’t refuse payouts. But they do recalibrate or change wheels if players are winning consistently. Generally we advise winning no more than $10,000 per account before using a different one. There is no set limit to winnings though.

How can I know if this will be too difficult for me?

The system and processes are designed with beginners in mind. Most players find it easy to learn and use, but some (about 5% of players) find the system difficult. Below are the main reasons these players found the system difficult:

a. Long hours in the casino too tedious: Many players quickly get bored and impatient.

b. Health conditions such as poor eyesight, or poor concentration: These usually only affect players aged over 60.

c. Cannot understand the instructions: The instructions are regularly updated to make them as clear as possible. But some people expect to become experts overnight.

Some people expect to win a fortune without time and effort. It doesn’t work like that. Compared to most systems that lose anyway, professional play can be hard work that doesn’t always pay off. But when it does pay off, it is far better than any 9-5 job. You need to be prepared for the occasional frustration and remain patient, especially while you’re still learning.

I’ve made everything as simple as possible. There are only 3 parts you need:

Part 1: The main training video (about 20 minutes long and explains almost everything)

Part 2: The knowledge-base (for various questions & answers),

Part 3: The checklist (to make sure you’re doing everything needed).

Most players don’t find anything particularly difficult. But difficulty is a matter of opinion. And you won’t know how easy the system is until you try it for yourself. So help you determine how easy you’ll find it without purchasing, I suggest learn the free visual ballistics system I provide (in the free trial). This method is significantly more difficult to use than the JAA cross reference system. So if you find the visual ballistics system easy enough (to both understand and apply), you’ll likely have no problems using the JAA system which is much easier.

Einstein said it is impossible to beat roulette. How could he be wrong?

Einstein said “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money when the croupier isn’t looking.” He was referring to the betting table, not the wheel. Basically you can’t beat the table because it is deliberately a scattered representation of the wheel. But you certainly can beat the wheel, and this fact has been made very clear by many high profile cases. For example, the Ritz team that won £1.3 Million In 3 Days (see If roulette wasn’t being beaten, casinos wouldn’t apply countermeasures like replacing wheels, and they wouldn’t hire consultants that help them detect professional roulette players. But these are just two of many things they do, because roulette is being beaten. Also if Einstein focused his efforts on beating roulette, certainly he would have focused on roulette wheel physics.

Is your system based on dealer signature and do I track dealers?

Variation analysisDealer signature is an approach where you track dealers and rely on consistency of ball and wheel speeds. This approach involves careful tracking of dealers, is tedious, and rarely effective or practical. Consistent release speeds does of course make a wheel easier to beat, but my system does not rely on it. The accuracy of my system is due to the fixed physical properties of the wheel and the variables related to cause and effect, and long term patterns occur even with deliberate variation of spin speeds. If you charted the number of ball revolutions in the 1hr video demo on the proof page, you will generate the chart shown left and see there is a very broad range of ball speeds. But this is just one video that uses a much more simplistic approach than the full system. The average variation for modern casino wheels is 8 – 18 ball revolutions, and 3 – 4 seconds per wheel revolution, which is not at all a problem for the system. A new dealer you’ve never seen before can begin spinning, and it will not change the wheel’s long term pattern.

How complicated is the software and entire system’s process?

If you can use an iphone with a reasonable understanding of its settings, you can use our software. The system and software is simple to understand. Of course “complexity” is partially a matter of opinion, but especially since the release of our latest software, most players players remark about how incredibly easy it is to use.

If it worked, why isn’t everyone using it?

Most players expect a winning system to take minutes to apply. Like anything profitable, my system takes time and effort so it doesn’t suit everyone. My software automatically does the complicated analysis for you, but the difficult part is collecting the 50-200 spins per direction for analysis. You only usually collect this data ONCE for each wheel. This takes several hours, and can be done over multiple days. It’s like any job because you still need to work to profit. But for the time you dedicate, you’re likely to earn much more than a standard job.

What happens if the casino moves the wheel?

Most casinos move wheels around once every month or so. This is done in attempt to confuse professional players. It is rarely a problem because most wheels have unique identifying features (such as scratches, dints & wood grain), so it isn’t difficult to find the new location. Moving wheels does NOT usually change the wheel’s patterns, because it is the same wheel just at a different place. However, some physical properties can change with the move, so the JAA software includes a component that determines if the wheel likely has the same patterns as before. It is easy to use and requires approximately 30 spins for one direction for analysis. You use the same software each day before play, just to make sure the wheel is the same.If the analysis indicates the wheel’s patterns have likely changed, then it must be considered a new wheel. Approximately half the time when a wheel has moved, the patterns have significantly changed. So assuming the wheel is moved once per month, then you will probably need to repeat the process of collecting 50-200 spins (per direction) once every two months for a specific wheel. This information is based on averages, but understand every casino and wheel is different.

What’s stopping casinos from buying your system and finding out how it works?

It’s likely that casino staff have already purchased and accessed my JAA software. But the software does not display how it works. Anyone that uses the software only needs to enter the data, and let the software provide the betting charts that tell you when and where to bet. In order words, there is only a limited amount casinos can learn about the system just by accessing the software. To know how it works, they would need the source code of the software, which is well protected on my servers. By analyzing the spins they enter and resulting betting charts, it is possible to reverse engineer part of the system. Although considering one analysis of 300 spins involves around 4 billion calculations, it wouldn’t be easy. Ultimately though, the casinos already know roulette is being beaten, by both my system and other systems. They do not need to concern themselves with “how” a system works. How they protect themselves from professional players has always been the same, and it’s by monitoring for consistent winners. And when they are found, they apply increasingly difficult countermeasures until the player either loses or leaves, then the casino can resume normal procedures. This is why it’s important to follow the rules to avoid detection. Remember though, the casinos don’t apply their countermeasures all the time, because doing so would mean they significantly slow the game, and they lose much more revenue from the other players who apply losing systems.

Is it easy for a beginner? How long do beginners take to learn it?

It is designed for beginners. The entire process and software is designed to make a sophisticated system easy for anyone to use. All it takes to learn it is watching a 15 minute tutorial video and reading some instructions for the finer points. You also have unlimited support if you have questions. There is nothing complicated about using the system although we advise you test for a week or so before betting for real, to be sure you understand everything. Most players are ready to start profiting about a week after having the system, assuming they have dedicated enough time and asked questions to clarify any issues. And again keep in mind that “difficulty” is largely an opinion, so you should thoroughly read this website to better understand what’s involved.

Do I need to bet while collecting data for analysis, and wont this cost me money?

In normal casinos you’ll be asked to leave the table if you aren’t betting. Likewise, most online casinos automatically log you off if you never bet. So while collecting spins, you use a simplistic version of the system you get for free. This way you can at least break even, without being logged off or asked to leave. At some online casinos, you can also use free automated software that keeps you logged on while recording video of the spins, without making any bets at all.Alternatively, you can make small random bets. For example, if you bet $2 on random numbers for 200 spins, statistically you will only lose about $20. This is basically an investment to discretely obtain the data you need.

How much time must I dedicate?

With the phone version, you could be in and out of the casino in under an hour each time you play. The phone version is quicker and easier to use than the web version. But if you used the web (slower) version, the typical processes are below.

Let’s say your casino had 10 different wheels. Below is a summary of how long each part will take, assuming you didn’t take shortcuts and proceeded carefully:

Part 1 (1hr): First you’d conduct quick checks to see which 3 of the 10 wheels are likely to be most profitable. This will take about an hour.

Part 2 (4hrs): Next you collect around 50 spins from each of the 3 wheels you narrowed down. Enter the spin data into the software, and it will tell you which one of the three wheels is likely best.

Part 3 (5hrs): Finally collect a further 150 spins from the wheel that appears to be best, so you’ll have a total of around 200 spins from this wheel.

* The amount of spins you need will depend on the wheel. Typically you need 50-200 spins per direction.You enter the data from 200 spins in the analysis software. This gives you the most precise idea of how profitable the wheel is, and generates the betting charts that tell you when and where to bet. You can access the software (web version) on any device with Internet access, including mobile phones. Now you can return to the casino with the betting charts copied to somewhere like the paper casino’s supply (to avoid suspicion). If you are returning the same day, you can begin play without delay. But if you are returning on a different day, you must conduct a basic test to confirm the wheel’s patterns haven’t changed. This is simple and takes only about 30 minutes per wheel. And assuming nothing has changed, you can resume play. At this point you can play for as short or long as you want.

So basically the whole process to scout wheels in a casino with 10 wheels, and collect data for your target wheel, takes about about 10 hours. This can be split between different days. When you resume play on different days, you don’t need to repeat the whole process – you need only run quick checks to confirm patterns are the same, then resume using the same betting charts.

It is still possible that you do the entire process and don’t find a suitable wheel. It can and does happen from time to time. But on average, you can expect approximately 30% of wheels to be suitable.

If the software gives a good rating for a wheel, will I always beat it?

If a wheel both passes the assessment stage and produces good ratings in the software, the chances are it will be profitable. Generally the higher the rating, the more likely it is that you will profit, and the quicker profits will be made. For example:

On a wheel with 60% rating: This is a “barely profitable” rating. There is about a 60% chance you will profit in the long term. So if you had a $500 bankroll, there’s a 40% chance you will lose the $500, and a 60% chance you will grow your bankroll to $10,000+ (the more you play, the more you win)

On a wheel with 70% rating: This is an “acceptable” rating. There is about a 70% chance you will profit in the long term. So if you had a $500 bankroll, there’s a 30% chance you will lose the $500, and a 70% chance you will grow your bankroll to $10,000+ (the more you play, the more you win)

On a wheel with 75% rating: This is an “good” rating. There is about a 75% chance you will profit in the long term. So if you had a $500 bankroll, there’s a 25% chance you will lose the $500, and a 75% chance you will grow your bankroll to $10,000+ (the more you play, the more you win)

On a wheel with 80% rating: This is an “very good” rating. There is about a 80% chance you will profit in the long term. So if you had a $500 bankroll, there’s a 20% chance you will lose the $500, and a 80% chance you will grow your bankroll to $10,000+ (the more you play, the more you win)

Another way or explaining it is say there were two players each starting with a $500 bankroll. One player uses JAA but has a 55% rating (unacceptable rating), and the other player makes random bets. Now if both players bet on 1,000 spins, both would have lost around the same amount. But at least with JAA giving the 55% rating, the player would know not to expect profit. In other words, a 55% rating means JAA will be no more profitable than random bets.

Keep in mind these examples are approximations. Like with any investment, profit can never be 100% assured, although it doesn’t need to be for long term profit. The closest you can get to “guaranteed” returns is a bank term deposit, and even that isn’t 100% guaranteed because banks can become bankrupt. You can consider the rating system just the result of research. The higher the rating, the higher the chance of profit, and the quicker profits are made.

If I had 10 wheels at my casino, is it possible that I can’t beat any of them?

It’s possible, but unlikely. Let’s say all 10 of the wheels were of the same design that’s very difficult to beat. In this case, it’s more likely you’ll get similar results on all wheels. Below are some possible scenarios:

a. 1% probability: you spend a lot of time and find all wheels produce very unpredictable spins, and play wont be profitable. Your time is wasted. You must play elsewhere, even if online.

b. 9% probability: you spend a lot of time and find you can get an edge on ONE wheel, with a relatively low edge of +2% (similar edge to professional card counters who earn millions). You would probably profit if you played, but it will take longer than it would elsewhere.

c. 90% probability: you do a quick assessment of all 10 wheels and find three with reasonable potential. You collect 300 spins per direction for each of the wheels, and find the edge of these three wheels range between 3-5%. You choose the wheel with the highest edge and profit significantly before the wheel is moved or changed.

Again these examples are assuming all 10 wheels are of the same design that’s very difficult to beat. Of course the situation may be the opposite for you, and your casino has more highly profitable wheels than you know what to do with. Especially wheels in less developed wheels have such strong patterns, you’ll wonder how other players can’t see it.

How can I know if my casino’s wheels are easy or difficult to beat?

The wheels that are very difficult to beat are very rare and you’ll probably never see one. The majority of modern designs are at at:, and The most common designs are the John Huxley Mk7 and Cammegh classic. Let’s say an easy wheel was 1/10 difficulty, an average wheel is 5/10, and a wheel that cannot be beaten is 10/10. The John Huxley Mk7 and Cammegh classic wheels are usually around 7.5/10 but can be as low as 4/10. These translate to between 4-10% edge for the player. If you send me spins from your wheel, I can assess it and tell you how profitable the wheel is likely to be. See although if you just check the “dominant diamonds” (how often some diamonds are hit by the ball more than others), this gives you some idea of how easily beaten the wheel is. Dominant diamond checks are explained in the free trial, although they are a crude shortcut that do not always reliably tell you how predictable a wheel is.

If my casino has only 1 or very few wheels, what results can I expect?

If you send me spins to test via I can tell you how profitable a wheel is likely to be. But there are many players who live near a small casino with only one wheel. There is about a 30% chance that you’ll be able to beat this wheel at any time. But usually every few weeks, the casino may perform maintenance on the wheel and this can change the wheel’s patterns. It can change a bad wheel into a profitable wheel, or even the reverse. So the situation changes every now and then, even for the same wheel. If you can play only on one wheel and it happens to be difficult to beat, then perhaps the wheel may be beatable 10% of the year (37 days), and unbeatable 90% of the year (328 days). You would be able to assess the wheel before betting for real, and play only when the wheel was profitable. So even if you have a very small variety of wheels, you can still do well. Although naturally having a larger selection of wheels makes life easier.

How can your software possibly predict winning numbers before the wheel is spun?

Remember the house edge is only a small -2.7%, so to win consistently, you need only to slightly increase your accuracy of predictions. You need only slightly better than random accuracy. And there are enough elements of roulette spins that are predictable, even with “randomized” spin speeds. It is actually nearly impossible to make roulette spins completely unpredictable. One example is “dominant diamonds”, but there are others that aren’t so easily noticed with the naked eye. I won’t disclose details on this publicly, although a lot of the science is revealed to players. Still though, many parts are kept secret, which is the only way to keep them secret.

Is it really possible to get an edge of 15%?

Actually it is possible to achieve an edge of 30% or more if your adapt the techniques to the wheel and get predictions after ball release. But this is rare unless you use a roulette computer. You will find you can’t get an edge on some wheels. But on wheels you can beat, the edge will be between 1-15%. However, you are best to play only on wheels with an edge greater than 5%. If you can only get an edge of 1-5%, then it’s still profitable but you will likely find better.


The JAA Phone Version FAQs

Q. What is the JAA phone version?
It’s a new version of the JAA software. It is not needed, but can make application of the system even easier and more automated. It is free when you purchase the JAA system.

Q. What’s better about it?
Basically it’s quicker and easier to use. The only downside is it needs to be used at the wheel, so it’s not legal in all casinos. But the Web Version of JAA is legal everywhere because you don’t use electronic devices at the wheel.

Q. What does the software run on?
It only runs on Android mobile phones or tablets. But you can also run it on a free Android emulator on your PC (example: or

Q. Exactly what equipment is needed?
If you use it online, you only need the phone. Almost any modern Android phone is ok, but check with me before buying a phone. Compatibility depends on the Android firmware version.

If you play in real casinos, you will need:

  • The phone
  • The audio and data input cable, with induction loop and wireless earpiece

Basically the cable connects to the 3.5mm audio socket. The cable then connects to the induction loop and data input button. The induction loop is worn under your clothes around your neck, and it transmits sound to the wireless earpiece.

NOTE: Instead of a data input able, you can use a wireless remote that costs around $30.

Q. Where can I get all the equipment?
You can either purchase it all from me (price to be advised, but approximately US$500 for everything – it depends on the phone supplied). Or you can source it yourself, in which case you need:

  • Compatible Android phone
  • Whatever equipment and phone modifications you need to operate the volume buttons via a hidden cable, AND connect an induction loop to process the phone’s audio. It will be different for every phone model.

However, you don’t need the cable if you use a wireless remote that normally costs less than $30.

Q. Does the phone need to be “jail broken”?
No. It is an unmodified phone.

Q. Where can I buy the phones?
Just buy a used phone from somewhere like Ebay.

Q. Is the phone LEGAL in casinos?
It has the same legalities as roulette computers. So it will be legal in some casinos, but not others. Generally legal in about half of casinos. I can send you instructions to determine whether or not they’re legal in your casino, without needing to pay for legal advice.

Q. If the phone system is illegal, can I still use it in real casinos?

If you use it illegally, it is against our terms of service and will result in you being banned by us. This is because if we knowingly provide a service that is used to break laws, it can make us an accomplice to a crime. If you are concerned about legalities, just use the Web Version which doesn’t require electronic devices at the table, so it’s legal in all casinos.

Q. Can anyone such as my phone service provider intercept the data communication between phone and server?
All communication between your phone and the analysis server are encrypted and are nearly impossible for anyone else to decrypt.

Q. Are there any special terms for using it?
Yes, they are at