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Title: Seeing through cards - technology development
Post by: Steve on October 18, 2012, 12:16:04 PM
Years ago I acquired technology that is capable of seeing through casino cards. This would have been used to predict the next card in blackjack, and to read the dealer's cards but the problem was it emitted radiation. It is highly illegal and unsafe to blast people with radiation.
A technician I've been developing the technology for years with has been trying to make a version that uses ambient radiation instead. We left it alone for some time though as development couldn't proceed further. We had the design for it and had tested the concept successfully, but for years the only way to build the technology into a small and practical device was to develop components at a cost that made it impractical.
Now things are different and we have the components we need. Development will still be expensive but considering the potential of the technology, it will be worth it. The device will be small enough to be comfortably worn (ie in pocket or strapped to inside of leg), and uses only ambient radiation from space.
The part I love most is we will be using some of the hybrid roulette computer technology. The hybrid technology will track the location of:
a. The player's cards
b. The dealer's cards (including knowing which ones are reversed/transparent)
c. The next card that is to be dealt
The location of these cards is easy because the hardware will have defines card location relative to marks on the table.
Parts A and B will be simple. But part C is a bit trickier. Nevertheless the edge obtainable from knowing the dealer's cards is all we would need.
From this point development will not be difficult nowhere near as difficult as the hybrid roulette computer. Since we've already developed robust and accurate image recognition technology with the hybrid, much of the work is done.
I will release more details and show a video demo at some stage I estimate 1-2 months from now for completion of the live card video. Then perhaps 1-2 months development for the rest of it. So conservatively, I will have technology that automatically determines the cards from A,B and C (including cards turned face down), then will give the player a highly covert vibration on whether to hit or stand.
Certainly this is a game changer. I only sold 2 of the hybrid V3s with the rest being used only by my private teams. I expect to also only sell 2 of the x-ray card readers. When I have the prototype ready for demonstration, I will announce it. If you have an interest in purchasing one of them, please keep an eye on my blog, but again it may be 4 or so months from now.