Final Discounts (roulette computers)

The final opportunity to purchase roulette computers at a discount.

NOTICE: The discounts explained here are now unavailable. This is because I’ve accepted all the “pay as you win” arrangements I’m willing to accept. While they allow more players to join with lower risk, such arrangements require more of my time to monitor.

As per my announcement, I’m selling the “sales” component of my company to pursue other interests. 15 years is long enough.

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I’ll continue to operate my private teams. And I’ll continue to provide full support to players who purchased while I was still the company owner.

What This Means For New Players

If you purchase before I sell the company, you get:

  • Support directly from me (instead of the new owners). My support includes helping you find team members.
  • Guaranteed lower prices.

I will continue to directly support existing players, to keep promises. So if you purchase while I’m still the owner, you get full support directly from me. This is preferable because I understand the technology better than anyone, and can better ensure your success. Additionally, my support includes assistance to help you find team members. But if you purchase with the new owners, they will provide support to you instead.

Furthermore, it is a condition of the company sale that prices are never below the agreed threshold. There are other conditions that limit the distribution of technology like the Hybrid and Remote Uber. This ensures the technology doesn’t become too common, which would make play more difficult for existing teams (including my own).

The Discounts

There are a variety of options to choose from. Some are complete purchases with no more to pay, and some are “pay as you win” arrangements.

Hybrid Roulette Computer (normally US$80,000)

Offer 1: US$70,000: No more to pay. You keep 100% of winnings. Includes phones & hardware for 3-player team.

Offer 2: US$50,000 up-front, plus US$50,000 later. Excludes phones & hardware for 3-player team.

Offer 3: US$25,000 up-front, plus US$90,000 later. Excludes phones & hardware for 3-player team.

Remote Uber Computer (normally US$25,000)

Offer 1: US$20,000: No more to pay. You keep 100% of winnings. Includes phones & hardware for 3-player team.

Offer 2: US$15,000 up-front, plus US$10,000 later. Excludes phones & hardware for 3-player team.

Finding Team Members

The forum at has private boards for confirmed serious players, who at least have the required equipment to play. Computer owners can contact them to discuss forming teams.

And soon I’ll be promoting public boards, for other interested players to learn more, before they purchase the hardware and join a team.

There are currently hundreds of players who have contacted me to express serious intent to join teams. Most of them are single players without a “team”. They only need to better understand the potential before proceeding.

Basically there is no shortage of interested players. Mostly they consist of individuals who are unable to purchase the computers themselves. So generally they have a small bankroll to begin. This is not a problem because even players with higher stakes begin with small bets to learn, then gradually increase bets.

Essentially I can introduce you to many interested players. I can easily contact more via my forums, websites and mailing lists. But it is up to you to discuss a partnership with them, and develop the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need the hardware?

The Remote Uber and Hybrid allow you to operate teams throughout the world. Your teams play for you, while you sit at home or anywhere in the world. See details at Your players purchase their own hardware (such as phones and wireless earpieces). It costs each individual player about $300 for their hardware. Unless you intend to play in the casino yourself, you don’t need hardware. You need only access to the server, which I provide.

Q. Why are you offering the final discounts?

Some existing players are interested in upgrading their computers. The most common situation is Original Uber players have seen the computer’s capabilities, but they must limit winnings to avoid detection. The Remote Uber and Hybrid don’t have this limitation because you can manage multiple teams throughout the world, and switch between them without needing to travel. Most successful teams eventually upgrade. The discount offer is specifically for them, to encourage upgrading before I sell the company, rather than later.

Q. When will your company be sold?

The business sale broker already has interested prospects. The part that takes the time is organizing demonstrations for the new owners (about a week to arrange mutually convenient time). But the “handover” could take anywhere from a week to months.

Q. What is the company price, and what does it include?

It includes all sales of systems and computers. There is a strict limit on the sale prices, and the amount of Remote Uber and Hybrid computers that may be sold within a given time. The new owner may decide to continue sales, or restrict the technology solely for their use. The appraisals vary between AUD$1.75m to AUD$3.5m. The range is broad because of the nature of the business.

Q. What if a casino purchases?

This would be against the terms. But it is entirely possible a high-roller purchases the technology, with the intention of using the technology exclusively (besides existing players).

Q. What if I choose a “pay as you win” option and for some reason can’t continue play or pay the balance?

I’m a reasonable person and wont ask for payment of the balance until you’re clearly profiting. It is in my best interests to support you to achieve success.

Q. Is there any limit to the amount of computers sold with the discounts?

The only limit is based on the amount of computers in circulation, or more specifically being used in particular areas. This is partly the responsibility of computer owners and team managers. Occasionally I check the server logs to see the geographical locations of players. If I notice too many players are in specific regions, I will notify the team managers (computer owners). This may ignore me, but it is in their interests to not over-do things. In some cases I will put team leaders in touch with each other, so they can coordinate sessions and prevent attacking the same wheel simultaneously.

As a measure to prevent such situations, I ask purchasers to specify the general regions they intend to target. But this will change from time to time. I can enforce limits by restricting the supply of computers (including with the new company owners), but I can’t (or wont, unless it’s clearly illegal) stop one team from playing in any particular jurisdiction. However, they are limited by being able to run only one server at a time.

With the sale of the company, I will assess the current saturation and distribution of teams throughout the world, then assign a maximum amount of computer licenses to be sold with the company. I can enforce this because each server has a unique USB dongle. A server will not run without it. It cannot realistically be circumvented because they’d almost certainly permanently lock the dongle (in which case I’d know they breached the contracts), and the relevant source code isn’t included.

Q. What proof of effectiveness, guarantee or demonstrations are available?

You can see a demonstration on any wheel you want. For details about demonstrations, see Doing all the testing you need to be sure is your guarantee. There’s no reasonable proof that isn’t provided.

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