This page is for players of the JAA system to post whatever feedback you want – good and bad. You can say whatever you want with only a few restrictions:

1. You cannot reveal sensitive information about the system or processes (ie something that may assist casinos to detect players).

2. If your feedback is negative, before posting, contact me via the help desk to resolve issues. Usually negative feedback is because the player doesn’t understand something, or doesn’t have enough information. So consider the problem may not be the system. If I can’t resolve the issue, and the website didn’t accurately represent the system, I’ll amend my website and provide a refund.

Keep in mind the website clearly explains:

a. The system isn’t magic and you can’t beat every wheel. You can expect a 5-15% edge on approximately 35% of wheels.

b. You need anywhere from 50 – 300 spins per direction for analysis, for each wheel. Any roulette strategy requires sufficient data. The amount depends on the wheel.

I’m very careful about how I describe the system, and you should be careful that your feedback is correct too. Basically I can accept negative feedback, but you need to be fair about it.

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10 Responses to Feedback

  1. I am a player of about 8 months. I was already very familiar with visual ballistic and similar approaches so I started with experience.

    This is not a system for newbies. If you expect to press a button and win you are dead wrong because newbies might find it a bit too much. I dont mean the software. I think the software is great and easy to use. I mean the data you need to collect and it may seem daunting for some people. There are also lots of odds and ends to learn like what to do if the casino does this or that. This is just the reality of any working method, you need data to analyze and need to know what you are doing.

    If you already know methods like visual ballistics then you will find the data collection part ok. Before I joined, steve said if I found visual ballistics easy enough, then I would find his system easy enough. This is a good example if your worried about it being too hard. The data collection is similar to ballistics but the play part is a lot easier with this system because you bet before the wheel spins.

    The system does work and I do very well with it. I personally find it fairly easy to use. Thats my opinion but I know some players find parts of the process too much, again more about the time it takes. Its not a fly by night quick system. I win about 8 of 10 sessions and spend around 2 hour sessions. Data collection can be take 1-2 days sometimes but is worth it. If you aren’t ok with that, then look elsewhere.

    I swap between 3 local casinos and sometimes online casinos. But online I had an account restricted from live games once so not every online casino is ok. Especially the online casinos are too aware now so it is getting harder to win online.

    Steves support is exceptional. He spends the time and has an incredible knowledge of the game. I love the tools he provides which make life much easier.

    My advice is if you dont mind spending time and some hard work, it can pay off very well. Its a serious system for professionals. If you are lazy or after something quick and easy, stay out of the casino because no professional system is right for you. Be realistic about how dedicated you will be before joining. If you expect success on a silver plate, you are going to be disappointed. If you can put in the time and dont expect there wont be nothing you have to learn, you can do well. This is as good as it gets.

  2. The system does work but I didnt expect how difficult it would be for me to get the needed spins. It is actually my fault because this website does say you need the time. I think that if you have the time to use it that it is ok. I suggest go in a day in the casino looking at wheels and writing down winning notes and if you dont like it, dont get this system. It gets very boring

  3. IMO its is easy enough. I havent found it too tedious and am profiting. Playing every day might be different but they would recognize you then

    General consensus for players in the forum is good wheel = easy money, bad wheel = headache. You need to follow the rules to pinpoint the better wheels and I’m still learning the assessment part.s

    So far I’ve made around $30,000 in around a year with about $500 each time. Its not lots but it is real money. It mostly paid off my car. I take around 5 hours to track a wheel before playing and come back for usually 2 days for play, then take a break for some. I still have a job so can’t play always but there’s no way my wife would let me leave my job. I wouldnt anyway just in case. Sometimes winning comes very easy and sometimes it is hard work.

    I have gotten to know Steve pretty well and you dont come across many people like him. He has been an excellent help to me with great support.

    I’m still learning but it is working for sure and I’m very happy with it

  4. Well it seems to works. Fairly easy to understand.

    With the normal methods you have I found it a bit hard to get all the information.

    But it was much easier when I started video taping the spins with a wristwatch camera. Then I started getting all the information from the recorded video.

    I can see how it is working but I am still new to this. I seem to be winning. For the last few weeks Im up EU6,200 I think this will be very good when I get into it all more

  5. This is a followup post to my original one. The system is good but sometimes the wheel gets changed and you need to start again. This can be very annoying because you waste a lot of time when it happens. I think it is my casino know what I am doing or maybe even other players with similar systems taking wins from their wheels too. I have made almost EU11,000 all from one casino but for now I stopped and will drive to another casino. The forum for players is good and Steves support has been perfect

  6. I’ve had access to the system and software for a bit over six months now. I had no prior experience with roulette and had difficulty understanding a lot of the training material.

    I spent a lot of time speaking with other members and finding there are actually many different tweaks and modifications you can make to the system. It was all very confusing because there was so many options.

    In retrospect now that I have better understanding, I would have found it much easier if I stuck with the training material provided by Steve because it explains how to use the system in most casinos. Some of the differences other players had in how they used it was how they collected information from the wheel and I wasn’t sure if one method was more accurate or better in some way and I had too many options which were too much to take in.

    I took a break from it but in the past month came back to it and started from the beginning. This time I followed Steves advice in which he said to consider only the instructions he gave and ignore what others in the forum were doing because some were inexperience and some were experienced and have their own way of doing parts required by the system. This alleviated a lot of frustration with confusing information from other members.

    And since I have been carefully following the instructions I have been doing very well. But I do not find it is a system you can just take into the casino and start winning right away. It takes about a day to get the data you need for one wheel then you need to win on other days before something changes. And I know sometimes they move around wheels but I havent seen this happening at my casinos yet.

    The system is good and works well, I am winning more than losing but at times it is a tough grind with a lot of data collection. It is a good system but takes quite a lot of time.

  7. I live far away from any real casino so I play at a few different online casinos. I expected it would take some time to use properly but I was prepared for this.

    The first week I got to know how to use the software and get the information for spins which is simple if the video is ok and clear. It was a bit hard on one casino wheel but every other one I found is ok.

    For about 4 hours on every day for 5 days I got the data for the software and I continued to get data while testing on play for fun accounts which use the same wheel and spins as real money accounts.

    I turned £1000 play money into over £5000 then deposited real money to play. This wasnt real money yet. But from real money I increased real money bankroll from £800 to £3000 in two weeks of play for 4 to 6 hours daily using only £1 units. Its a lot of time but I’m very happy with the results with such low bets I’m convinced now its not luck and is working. My casino account hasnt been banned or restricted at least yet. I dont know if it will be a problem but if it works half as good in real casino wheels then this may have changed my life completely.

    Thankyou Steve for something that finally works. I really hope the success continues but at least I have made back my investment

  8. This is another followup report. I hope I’m not spamming this page but I would have been thankful to see someones progress when I was interested in getting the system, so maybe other people would like to hear how things are coming along for me. My first casinos started to change the wheels around so I think they were doing this because of me or at least players using similar systems. So I had to try other casinos needing to travel for them. I was relieved to find much easier casinos very easy security. Compared the new casinos to my original is an easy change. I have been back to these casinos many times.

    At the end I am very happy with the system. To me it is mostly a question of how long it will take before things change in all casinos to where it is too hard to use. At least for now the money is very good in most of casinos I visited. One thing I want to say but is you cant always just go to a casino for one day, win and leave. Sometimes it takes a full day of preparing before you play fully, so if going to new casino you might need about 2 days before you somewhere else. From my recent trips I was getting about EU 1,200, then another day EU550, then break even about -50 down, then my biggest was EU3890. So besides fuel and hotel I made around EU5500 all in a week. This was the best one but others were similar. It is very tempting to bet larger but I dont think I could get away with that, the dealers will notice. I am still learning and making some mistakes. It mght be bit hard for some people. But for me it very good system Im very happy.

  9. I have been using the cross reference system for a year.

    The first thing I’ll say is it can take a lot of time and you dont always get great results. You can spend a lot of time collecting data from wheels and it doesnt always pay off. There have been many times I even spent days getting data and found the wheel wasnt any good. Then other times everything worked out perfectly and I made good profits.

    I wasn’t fully prepared for the disappointment of wasted time. It happens every so often and is very annoying.

    When I learned the system better I was able to know which wheels to focus on and which to leave alone. This saved me a lot of time but still sometimes I get data and spend a lot of time for nothing. I have a more realistic outlook at the system and what needs to be done now. Its about a year since I started. It gets easier because you better learn to know when a wheel is a waste of time or not.

    When everything does turn out right, a lot of money can be made. Sometimes I waste a day getting data for a wheel that turned out to be bad. This is wasted time and money. It costs about £50 including fuel and random bets to collect the information and its a whole day gone sometimes. But when everything turns out ok I am earning between £2000 and £10,000 each time I put effort to a good wheel. Each time I focus on a wheel from start to finish might be about 2 weeks. So there is a data collection period of a day and a bit, then you play on other days.

    In my casino the same wheels can be good one week then bad another. It has to do with the maintenance of the wheels mainly and when they move them around. It is not the type of system where you walk in and start playing. It needs time and research to follow the rules.

    As a conclusion, I consider it has earned me about £60,000 and dedicating on average about a third of the working week (weekdays). Definitely it is working but it is very, very tedious sometimes. It takes a lot of time and you need a lot of stamina for looking over data which is very monotonous. You need a lot of patience. My advice to other players is just run the numbers and the data and its just another job. Dont get emotionally attached and be prepared that sometimes you get nothing but wasted time, but the ups make it worthwhile.

  10. I first had jaa and everything in the forum in June of this year. So it has been about 6 months. My casino is very small and we have two wheels open on a busy night. Sometimes only the one wheel is open to players.

    I didn’t yet make any money which is disappointing but I don’t blame Steve for this. I had read on this website that sometimes it is possible to not find good wheels.

    In the end when the both wheels are open, the casino is so busy that it takes too long to get the spins for jaa to analyze. But when there is just one wheel it is quiet enough, but a problem is then there is too much attention on me because sometimes I am the only player at the table.

    If I had more time it might be ok but I have a family that needs my time too.

    I think the system is good and I have had good results testing. Though I havent given a lot of time to play because of the problem I explained. Eventually I intend to play at some of the casinos online because I know some players that did well so far.

    Unfortunately I’m not one of the success stories. Still one thing that has impressed me though is the level of organization and support provided by Steve and his partners. They really are the masters of roulette and a super group of people. The instructions and videos make everything easier and with the help desk getting support when needed was always easy.

    I don’t know that I would have done anything differently because I still want to put more time into it later. Just for now at least it is probably not suitable for my casino because I think if I started to win all the time, then the pit bosses and security will know about it and probably change the wheel so then I might have taken hours for nothing. It needs a bigger casino with more wheels to not be noticed.