The Roulette System Casinos Are Trying To Ban. Players Earn $180,000/year PART-TIME. It’s LEGAL and The Only Limit Is What You Can Win Without Being Banned.

  • See REAL proof including TV documentaries, FREE trial, video demonstrations, and even a government lab test report.
  • Works at both online and real casinos
  • Practical and takes minutes to learn. You can start betting after just 10 or so spins.
  • NO betting progression (increasing bet size after losses)
  • LOW RISK with small bets and low bankroll requirements
  • Recession-proof income: earn money even during global financial recessions


World Gaming Conference: We've forced casinos to consultants to advise them about our players.
World Gaming Conference: We’ve forced casinos to hire consultants that advise them about our players.

Dear Roulette Player,

You are right to be skeptical because most roulette systems are scams, and why would anyone sell a winning system? But take the time to review everything here and you’ll see this is the real thing.

I’m not talking about risky betting progressions and systems that eventually lose. This is a professional long-term winning system that uses physics to predict where the ball will land. It predicts the winning number BEFORE the wheel spins. There’s not much casinos can do except detect and ban consistent winners, although it’s easy to avoid detection.

Start beating the casino in less than 10 spins. The more you play, the more you win.

I know you’re skeptical because most systems are scams. And there’s nothing I could say you haven’t heard before. So to prove it works, I’ll give you a free trial. Proof doesn’t get better than this.


Try It Free

courseThe evaluation system is a subscription based course. Enter your email and you’ll receive a different part of the course via email every 3 days.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Free instructional videos revealing a complete professional system that won a player almost $6M, and it can still be used today
  • The principles that make roulette spins predictable.
  • How to avoid detection by casino staff
  • How to build your own electronic prediction devices (roulette computers)
  • How to accurately predict spins before the ball is released
  • How to properly tests systems, and why most systems lose . . . and much more

It is not specifically a trial of the cross-reference system but it includes other proven systems, and is the best free information about beating roulette you’ll find anywhere (see the comparison chart for the Free System Vs Cross Reference system at the bottom of this page). Enter your email below to subscribe:


Proof It Works

Tested By a Qualified Physicist & Proven Effective. Official test resultsWe hired an independent physicist to test our system. The results were a profit of $7,350, and less than a 1% chance of the results being due to “luck”. The report was originally intended for government authorities who may question the legitimacy of our claims. The full uncensored report and contact details of the tester is available to any government authority upon request, although you can download the censored version. Download the Test Report (PDF)



Government Lab Testing Finds Roulette Is Predictable

UK Government Lab TestingThis is a separate lab test from a UK government lab ( This report explains testing they conducted to determine how predictable roulette spins actually were in specific common conditions. They found that roulette is easily beaten with the correct approach, even with very basic prediction methods like the FREE system we provide on this site. Download the UK Government Lab Test Results (PDF) In their testing they used an electronic device (roulette computer) although our system uses the same principles that make roulette predictable, but with bets before the ball is released.



See It Win $8,850 In An Hour


This is a basic demonstration on one of the world’s most common wheels. The starting bankroll is 100 units and a profit of +354 units is achieved, without betting progression (bets are always the same size). With $25 units, this is a profit of over $8,850 which can be achieved without attracting unwanted attention from casino staff (provided you don’t do it too frequently at the same casino). The system works the same on automated wheels where the ball is automatically released, and at live online casinos where a real wheel is used. There are approximately 20 suitable online casinos.

Want More Proof? Click Here For The Full List


The Only Limit is What You Can Win Without Being Detected

In a typical casino, you can expect to profit $1,000 – $5,000 per session without drawing too much attention. Much more is possible and the main limitation is what you can earn without drawing attention from casino staff. We teach you how to avoid detection to maximize your winnings.

Players have won over $100,000 in just hours of play, but it draws unwanted attention. No casino will tolerate a consistent winner one way or another. And the main limit to your winnings is what you can win without being detected. We teach you exactly how to avoid detection.


Why It Works

The system predicts the winning number before the wheel is released. It works by exploiting anomalies of wheel designs that create predictable spins. In simpler terms, it uses roulette wheel physics. I’m not going to explain further details because perhaps the only people who would understand it would use the knowledge against players. The edge you achieve over the casino is usually 5-15%, but even a 1% edge is significant. It may not seem like much, but consider blackjack card-counters make millions with just a 2% edge.


Easy To Learn & Practical To Use

The software takes most players about 30 minutes to learn. It makes a sophisticated system easy to use.

Basically you submit the spin data and it generates charts that tell you when and where to bet. Knowing where to bet next literally takes seconds. The software usually gives you 11-15 numbers to bet on, but you only need to bet on ONE number to profit.

STEP 1 – Write Down The Winning Numbers: First you need data for our automated software to analyze. This includes information such as the winning number and some additional information about each spin. You collect *50-150 spins per direction for each wheel. You can write spin data on the paper supplied by casinos, and apply a simple system to blend in with other players. This part takes time but you only do it ONCE for each wheel, and can do it over multiple days.

 * You can start betting even sooner but it is safer to analyze more spins first.

STEP 2 – Let the Automated Software Analyse the Data Now enter the spin data into the software at You can do this from anywhere with Internet access, including a mobile phone. The software tell you how profitable the wheel is, and generates simple charts that tell you when and where to bet.

The basics of how it is used is explained in the video below, although it applies for the “Web Version” of the software. The phone version is even simpler:


Your edge over the casino normally starts after 3-10 spins, and it gets stronger and more profitable the more you play. But your maximum edge is achieved after 50-150 spins per direction, so it is safer to keep bets smaller until full accuracy is achieved.

You beat approximately one third of wheels with a typical edge between 5-15%. This is around $300 profit per hour with $5 units. The software tells you how profitable a wheel is likely to be before you start betting, so you can focus only on the most profitable wheels.

* “Easy and practical” is subjective opinion, although the clear majority (95%) of players agree the system is easy and practical. Please review the FAQs page so you understand what’s involved. 


Features & Benefits

• Legal to use. The casino can ban consistent winners without giving reasons,

* The “web version” of the software uses printable betting charts and doesn’t require electronic devices at the table, so it’s legal everywhere. But the “phone version” is software on a hidden phone, and is legal in approximately half of casinos.

• No limit to winnings. It’s possible to earn over $30,000 per week.

• Works at online and real casinos. It makes no difference provided the wheel is physically real. There are approximately 20 suitable online casinos and players regularly share information about online casinos via the player-only forum.

• Beat 30% of modern European and American 00 wheels

• Player edge between 5-15% (a “beatable” wheel has greater than 1% edge. But your typical edge is 5-15% because you are advised to avoid wheels with a lower edge)

• Unlimited free support. The instructions include a comprehensive 15 minute tutorial video, plus you get clear written instructions. We sincerely care about your success.

• Beat new or old wheels. You can play on wheels in any condition. You don’t need flawed or biased wheels.

• Work your own hours. The more you play the more you earn

• Profit even in a financial recession. 

• NO betting progression (no increasing bet size after losses)

• NO tax or paperwork (in most cases): so you have greater freedom

• NO stock or employees: you can stop and resume play anytime, without loose ends

• Works on PC, MAC, or Android devices (full version also works on iPhone)

• Relatively low risk and high returns: Not many investments are capable of 10,000%+ returns. You don’t play unless the wheel passes basic tests, so you have a good idea of how profitable the wheel is before playing. It’s not just a “roulette system”. It’s an investment.

• Work from virtually anywhere: it’s a mobile business

For the time and effort, you’ll likely find the system much more profitable than a 9-5 job.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are you selling it if it works?
Basically I manage private roulette computer teams and don’t need the JAA system. It doesn’t mean the JAA system doesn’t work. Simply my roulette computers are quicker to use.

Q. How do I know this isn’t a scam?
The purpose of the trial is so you can see it’s not a scam.

Q. Do I bet before or after the wheel spins?
You bet BEFORE the wheel spins.

Q. How much can I earn?
It depends mostly on your bet size and frequency of spins. It could be $100 or $100,000 per hour. The only limit is what the casino will allow. In smaller casinos, it is reasonably easy to earn $1,000 per session without being noticed. Much higher amounts are possible in larger casinos. The only real limit is what the casino will allow.

Q. Is it legal?
There are two versions of the software. The web version is legal everywhere because you never use it in the casino – you only take betting charts inside the casino. The phone version is only legal in half of casinos because it is used on a hidden phone inside the casino.

Q. Exactly what do you bet on?
You bet on individual numbers (inside bets). The software usually gives you around 11-15 predictions, but you only need to bet ONE of them for an edge. However, you will win more in less time if you bet on more. You only ever bet one unit per number.

Q. How can you possibly beat roulette? Isn’t it all random?
Actually roulette is well known to be beatable in the right conditions. People who tell you otherwise have no experience, and get opinions from others with no experience.

Q. Aren’t you worried your system might be reverse engineered?
The parts that can be reverse engineered are unimportant. It’s easy to understand the basics of the system, but the software’s full analysis is extremely difficult to reverse engineer.

Q. Where can I use the system?
It works on approximately 30% of real wheels, including the real wheels at many online casinos. It is not possible to beat every wheel, but rarely is it a problem to find a suitable wheel.

Q. Does the wheel need to be defective in any way?
No. It will simply exploit predictable spins that occur on both new and old wheels.

Q. Is the system guaranteed to work?
Even a casino may make a loss in one day, but will make back losses another day because of their long term advantage. It’s the same with the system because you have the advantage. You may lose on some days, but eventually win back losses.

Got more questions? See the full list of frequently asked questions.


How To Get The Full System

Full access to the analysis software (and all other services) is US$2500 for unlimited access, which isn’t much considering it’s a business that can literally earn enough to buy a house, without needing products, employees or paperwork. And you can take it almost anywhere in the world. If the price seems high, consider it is an investment capable of very high returns. If you are concerned about it not working for you, then I suggest take the trial. To get the full system, click below and follow the instructions:

Join now

This may be the most important investment of your life. It really can change your life forever.
It’s not about the money. It’s about freedom.


What You Receive

The only part you really need is the analysis software, but you also receive various other tools. The full list of what you receive is below:

Roulette Wheel Analysis Software (both phone & web version)

Betting chart generationThis is the only part you need. It is the software that analyses the spins and generates the betting charts. You access it at with virtually any phone or computer with Internet access. Simply enter the spin data and let the software do the analysis for you. The instructions are simple enough for anyone to understand (includes a tutorial video and written instructions). This software has TWO different version explained below. You receive both versions for a total of US$2,500.

Mobile phone version: This version is used via a hidden phone at the wheel, but it’s only legal in about half of casinos. The phone is never visible to casino staff. Legal or not, it is still used with a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece because casinos are paranoid of hidden computers (for good reason). So they’ll ban anyone using electronic devices. Basically you enter data like the winning numbers, and it tells you where to bet next. The software runs on almost any modern Android phone. It also runs on a Windows or MAC computer if you use an android emulator.

Web version (legal in all casinos): This version is accessed via any phone or computer with an Internet browser (iphone, android, pc or mac). It is legal everywhere because it does NOT require electronic devices at the wheel, so it’s legal in all casinos. You simply save spin data on pencil and paper, then enter the data when outside the casino. The software then gives you convenient betting charts that tell you where to bet.

E-book: The Best Traditional Professional Systems

primordialdocThis ebook teaches you the techniques used by other professional roulette players. You don’t need any of these because you’ll have my software, although others teach these methods for as much as $5000. Some of the methods include bias analysis, dealer signature, and visual ballistics. Also more details is provided about the principles that make roulette spins predictable.

This ebook gives you an idea of what experienced casino staff know about roulette and how it is beaten. But the average casino staff member only is only vagely aware of the techniques.

Unlimited access to the player-only forum

Player support forumThis is the most active professional roulette player forum in the world. You will be able to speak with other players, share information, form teams, and get additional help. Generally if you want other players to share information about specific casinos, you are expected to contribute information. For example, other players can tell you which online casinos are best, but most players keep such information private unless you are willing to share other information of value. The forum also include a help desk system where you can get support. You can keep a full and convenient record of all your questions and answers.

Automatic Online Casino Betting Bot (value $495)

Automated bet botThis makes betting much quicker and easier at online casinos. Basically instead of placing individual bets which takes about 10 seconds, bets are placed almost instantly at the click of a button. This is particularly useful for casinos that allow you to bet after ball release, because then you can more easily apply the roulette computer.

We do not sell the bot separately, and you need the system to apply it anyway. It is used in conjunction with the web version of the wheel analysis software, which provides betting charts.

Roulette Computer Software for Mobile Phones. Measure ball speed and predict winning numbers (software only, value $500)

Free roulette computerThis is roulette computer software that calculates ball speed and predicts the winning number. This version is normally $1250 when sold with the phone. It achieves the equivalent accuracy of other roulette computers that cost almost $2,000, but you get it free. Many players previously used this at online casinos. But now most online casinos forbid late betting, so you will find more opportunities to use it in real casinos. To use this software, you need a compatible phone. Or if you use it at online casinos, you can run it from your PC. (*software only, phone not provided)

Spin collection software for mobile phones (value $850)

Spin collection softwareThis software can be installed on most mobile phones and allows you to save data without the casino staff seeing anything. You enter the spin data via a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece, so it’s even easier to blend in with other players. The software also helps you quickly assess which wheels are likely to be most profitable. Soon this software will be integrated with the automated wheel analysis software, which will communicate directly with the analysis server so you don’t need to manually enter spin data again, and the predictions are announced directly in your wireless earpiece.

  • Includes software only. Phone and earpiece not provided.

Videos of Real Spins from a 2016 model roulette wheel

Roulette wheel videosYou can practise using the system for free at online casinos that use webcam footage, although we also provide many high quality videos of modern roulette wheels. Each video includes approximately 100 spins, providing a range of conditions such as different ball types, and different degrees of difficulty.

This footage is particularly useful for players that want to use the provided roulette computer. For testing the wheel analysis software, you can easily use “play for fun” accounts at online casinos without risking real money.

OPTIONAL (for extra $200): “Vibe mobile phone” with metronome software (value $650)

Vibe mobile phone roulette computerBecause I’ve decided to stop taking new players soon, I’m clearing up old stock. This includes a variety of different mobile phone models (new and used). These mobile phones are basically “timers” which give vibration pulses at regular intervals, and have many uses. They are most commonly used in casinos where roulette computers are illegal, but the “vibe phones” are not. When used with the right techniques (which are included), they achieve comparable edge to a basic roulette computer, without breaking laws. In other words, they are like a basic roulette computer that is legal in many more casinos than traditional roulette computers. The vibe mobile phone with techniques are normally $650 and can be purchased separately, but are included with the JAA system for an additional US$200 (you save $450). NOTE: This phone is completely unrelated to the JAA system and is not needed. It is simply an extra way to beat roulette, which sometimes produces comparable results to JAA in less time. To include this item when ordering JAA, simply add an extra US$200 to the payment you send. *Phone battery not included as Australia regulations forbid shipping of lithium batteries. But they are inexpensive and easily ordered from Ebay.


30 Day Profit Guarantee

Fully guaranteedIf you don’t profit within 30 days, I’ll provide a full refund. I only ask that you give the system a fair shot. I give you what I promise and only ask you be fair to me too (see the official guarantee). I know you’d prefer an “unconditional guarantee”, but keep in mind any guarantee is only as good as the seller, and most sellers use any excuse to avoid refunds. However if you genuinely use the system properly and don’t profit, then I don’t want to keep your money.

Comparison Chart – Free Vs Full System

  The free roulette system course is provided so you can see my systems work, but it is not as effective or practical as the full system. Below is a comparison chart:

Roulette Computers JAA System Visual Ballistics Dealer Signature Bias Analysis
Price $1500+ US$2,500 FREE FREE FREE
Hourly Profit (units/hr) 120 units 60 units 35 units 30 units 20 units
Wheels Beaten 90% 30% 3% 4% 3%
Time Needed (hrs/week) 1hr 5hrs 10hrs 10hrs 30hrs
Difficulty 1/10 2/10 8/10 6/10 7/10
Stealth 9/10 9/10 3/10 5/10 4/10
Forum Access YES YES NO NO NO
Suitable ONLINE Casinos 1% 35% 1% 5% 2%
Prediction Time During Spin Before Spin During Spin Before Spin Before Spin
Required Bankroll 50 units 200 units 150 units 250 units 500 units
Where Legal 50% of casinos All Casinos All Casinos All Casinos All Casinos
Select Select Select Select Select

* The data above is based on typical results and is not a guarantee you will achieve the same results. Some players earn more, and some earn less. Also “difficulty” is largely opinion. The comparisons of difficulty are relative to other strategies. Use the free roulette strategies provided for a better understanding of what professional play involves.

Who I Am & What I Do

If you’re in the gambling industry, you’d already know who I am. I’ve been developing roulette prediction technology for over 20 years, and manage what is likely the largest team of professional casino players ever to have existed. I’m widely considered the foremost expert in roulette prediction.

My main focus is roulette. However, technology I’ve developed includes equipment to see through cards, in addition to card counting and shuffle analysis software. But in roulette, I’m best known for my roulette computer devices, which are hidden electronic devices that measure the speed of the roulette wheel and ball to predict the winning number. A video explaining the basics of the technology is below:

Watch this video on YouTube.

But rather than tell you about myself, the best proof of the effectiveness of my system is the 14-day trial.

Got More Questions?

See the full list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can also Contact Me if you have further questions, but please fully read this site first because the only way i can offer the system is if I don’t waste time answering questions that are already answered here.

To get the full system, click below and follow the instructions:

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